United States Patent 3,456,167
July 15, 1969

Semiconductor Optical Radiation Device
James R. Biard

Filed August 8, 1963
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Abstract of the Disclosure

Disclosed is a semiconductor device for generating optical radiation which has a high resistance region between the active portion of the rectifying junction and the periphery or surface intersection of the junction . The high resistance region prevents substantial current flow through that part of the rectifying junction which does not contribute to the light emission characteristics of the device
Figure descriptions: cover graphic

  • Figure 1 is a perspective view in elevational section of a gallium-arsenide semiconductor junction light source without the structural features of the invention which eliminate the peripheral current flow, and is shown for purposes of illustrating the detrimental effects of the peripheral flow.
  • Figure 2 is an electrical schematic diagram of the equivalent electric circuit of the device of Figure 1.
  • Figure 3 is a graphical representation of the total current flowing through the device of Figure 1 as a function of the voltage applied thereacross.
  • Figures 4A-4D are sectional views illustrating the process by which the device of the present invention is made.
  • Figure 5 is a perspective view in elevational section of a preferred embodiment of the invention fabricated according to the preceding Figures 4A-4D.

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