United States Patent 3,457,475
July 22, 1969

Semiconductor Device With Integral Electrodes, Constituting A Unitary Vitreous Structure
Cheng Chen
Gordon Kowa

Filed February 8, 1967
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Abstract of the Disclosure

The invention provides a semiconductor device comprising as a unitary structure: a semiconductor body, a vitreous layer formed upon the semiconductor body, and electrodes which make electrical contact with different regions of the semicond uctor body through windows in the vitreous layer. The electrodes are glazed cond uctors bonded to the vitreous layer and bonded to the regions of the semiconduct or which they contact. The invention also provides a monolithic integrated elec trical circuit or circuit element, in which a semiconductor is treated to provid e one or more junction devices integrally formed within it, different regions of the junction devices being interconnected by glazed conductors which are bonded to a vitreous layer covering the semiconductor, the conductors contacting the regions through windows in the layer. The vitreous layer may be a passivation layer bonded to the semiconductor, or a composite layer consisting of a glass layer bonded to the surface of a passivation layer which is in turn bonded to the semiconductor . In making such a semiconductor device or electrical circuit, a vitreous layer is formed upon the surface of the semiconductor, windows are formed in the layer at one or more predetermined points to which one or more connections are to be made, and a glazed conductor is placed upon the layer with a part of the conductor contacting the semiconductor through the window or windows. The assembly is then fired to bond the glazed conductor to the layer and form a unitary structure
Figure descriptions: cover graphic

  • Figure 1 is a monolithic integrated electrical circuit comprising a semiconductor body having a plurality of junction devices integrally formed therewith, the devices being electrically connected.
  • Figure 2 is a section of line 2-2 in Figure 1, and
  • Figure 3 is a section corresponding to that of Figure 2, of a slightly modified structure.

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