United States Patent 3,458,780
July 29, 1969

Wedge Bonded Leads For Semiconductor Devices
Joe R. McDaniel

Filed September 27, 1967
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Abstract of the Disclosure

A solderless electrical connector assembly comprising a pin and a receptacle are utilized to make electrical connections in a semiconductor device. The pin has a wedge shaped, or tapered, end which fits into a cavity in the receptacle, the cavity being shaped to receive the wedge shaped end of the pin. An electrical connection between an electrical lead and the pin is accomplished by wedging the end portion of the electrical lead between the wedge shaped end of the pin and the cavity wall.
Figure descriptions: cover graphic

  • Figures 1, 2 and 3 are views, partly in cross-section, of solderless electrical connector assemblies embodying the teachings of this invention.
  • Figure 4 is a view, partly in cross-section, of an electrical device embodying a solderless electrical connector assembly made in accordance with the teachings of this invention.

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