United States Patent 3,460,007
August 5, 1969

Semiconductor Junction Device
Joseph H. Scott Jr.

Filed February 28, 1966
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Abstract of the Disclosure

A semiconductor junction device is provided comprising a given conductivity type monocrystalline silicon body having a partly masked surface. On the unmasked portion of the body surface is a lyaer of low resistivity polycrystalline silicon having an opposite conductivity type modifier incorporated therein. A portion of the silicon body immediately adjacent the polycrystalline layer is of opposite conductivity type, due to diffusion of the conductivity modifier from the polycrystalline layer into the monocrystalline body. On the polycrystalline layer is a layer of high resistivity material, and on the high resistivity layer is an electrical contact. The electrical contact may be another layer of low resistivity polycrystalline silicon.
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  • Figure 1 is a schematic sectional view of a first form of apparatus useful in the practice of the invention.
  • Figure 2 is a schematic sectional view of a second form of apparatus useful in the practice of the invention.

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