United States Patent 3,463,715
August 26, 1969

Method Of Cathodically Sputtering A Layer Of Silicon Having Reduced Resistivity
Murray Bloom

Filed July 7, 1966
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Abstract of the Disclosure

There is disclosed a method of sputter depositing semiconductor materials such as silicon on a substrate to produce a silicon layer having high conductivity in both the longitudinal direction parallel to the surface of the substrate and in a direction normal or perpendicular to the substrate surface. The method comprises the steps of sputter depositing the silicon in a reduced pressure atmosphere to form a silicon layer on the substrate and thereafter heating the deposited layer in an environment of pure hydrogen preferably at a temperature of about 1,000 oC, for approximately 15 minutes
Figure descriptions: cover graphic

  • Figure 1 is a sectional view illustrating a typical sputtering apparatus;
  • Figure 2 is an enlarged cross-sectional view illustrating two layers of silicon wherein the upper layer appears to be comprised of isolated crystallites; and
  • Figure 3 is a sectional view illustrating a substrate having silicon deposited thereon being heated in accordance with a preferred method of the present invention.

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