United States Patent 3,470,038
September 30, 1969

Electroluminescent P-N Junction Device And Preparation Thereof
Ralph A. Logan
Harry G. White

Filed February 17, 1967
Image of US PATENT 3,470,038

Abstract of the Disclosure

High efficiency gallium phosphide electroluminescent p-n junction devices capable of emitting visible light at room temperature are prepared by depositing an epitaxial layer of n-type gallium phosphide by conventional techniques upon a solution grown p-type gallium phosphide crystal and annealing the resultant junction at temperatures ranging from 450-725 C.
Figure descriptions: cover graphic

  • Figure 1A is a p-type solution grown gallium phosphide crystal.
  • Figure 1B shows an n-type gallium phosphide layer grown over the crystal of Figure 1A.
  • Figure 1C is a cross-sectional view of the structure of Figure 1B mounted upon a suitable header.

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