United States Patent 3,472,688
October 14, 1969

Resistor Element And Method For Manufacturing The Same
Teruo Haysashi
Hiroyuki Kobayashi

Filed November 19, 1965
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Abstract of the Disclosure

A resistor element is formed by (1) providing an oxide film on the surface of a silicon, germanium, ceramic, glass or quartz substrate, (2) depositing a layer of aluminum, chromium or magnesium on the oxide film, and (3) heat treating the article to cause the metal to react with the oxide to form the resistor element.
Figure descriptions: cover graphic

  • Figure 1 is a Figure 1 is a cross sectional view of a resistor element utilizing a P-N junction which has been conventionally used.
  • Figures 2 through 6 are cross sectional views of a resistor element made according to the present invention which illustrate various steps in the manufacturing method thereof.
  • Figures 7A through 7F show several modifications of the resistor element according to the present invention.
  • Figures 8 through 10 are cross sectional views of still other embodiments of the invention.
  • Figure 11A shows a cross sectional view of yet another embodiment of the invention, applied to a diffused type transistor.
  • Figure 11B shows the equivalent circuit of the embodiment of Figure 11A.

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