United States Patent 3,475,664
October 28, 1969

Ambient Atmosphere Isolated Semiconductor Devices
Dale Byron DeVries

Filed September 2, 1965
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Abstract of the Disclosure

Disclosed are integrated circuit devices which use the ambient fabrication atmosphere as an isolation medium between elements of the circuit, such devices having improved mechanical structure, improved surface area for attaching lead wires, reduced collector area, and lower stray capacitance.
Figure descriptions: cover graphic

  • Figure 1 illustrates a sectional view of a semiconductor wafer having a vapor-etched and redeposited semiconductor region therein.
  • Figure 2 illustrates a sectional view of the wafer of Figure 1 having diffused base and emitter regions in the redeposited region.
  • Figure 3 illustrates a sectional view of the device of Figure 2 mounted upon an insulating substrate according to the invention and inverted.
  • Figure 4 illustrates a sectional view of the mounted device of Figure 3 having etched-out regions therein according to the invention.

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