United States Patent 3,492,175
January 27, 1970

Method Of Doping Semiconductor Material
Raymond W. Conrad
Robert W. Haisty
Edward W. Mehal

Filed December 17,1965
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Abstract of the Disclosure

Gallium arsenide containing a dopant impurity element is deposited from the vapor phase epitaxially on a heated gallium arsenide substrate. A metal-organic compound of the dopant entrained n a carrier gas is reacted with gallium arsenide vapor formed by passing arsenic trichloride in proximity to heated gallium. The flow rate of the carrier gas may be varied to produce a dopant gradient in the epitaxial deposit. By sequentially entraining metal-organic compounds of other dopant elements, rectifying junctions or transistor structures may be formed on the substrate.
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  • an apparatus suitable for practicing the invention.

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