United States Patent 3,507,713
April 21, 1970

Monolithic Circuit Chip Containing Noncompatible Oxide-Isolated Regions
Bernard L. Kravitz

Filed July 13, 1966
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Abstract of the Disclosure

In general my invention contemplates the provision of an integrated circuit slice containing noncompatible regions in which a substrate having a surface carries respective regions of material of different conductivity types extending into said substrate from said surface and surrounded below said surface by oxide isolating films and to a method of making the same. Each region comprises a layer of relatively high resistivity material superposed on a lyaer of relatively low resistivity to provide an ideal structure for formation of both p-n-p and n-p-n structures in the same slice.
Figure descriptions: cover graphic

  • Figure 1 is a fragmentary sectional view of a silicon slice illustrating an initial step in the process of making my monolithic chip containing noncompatible oxide isolated regions.
  • Figure 2 is a fragmentary sectional view of the slice illustrated in Figure 1 at a further point in my process of making a monolithic chip containing noncompatible oxide-isolated retions.
  • Figure 3 is a fragmentary sectional view of the slice illistrated in Figure 2 after further operations have been performed thereon.
  • Figure 4 is a bottom plan view of the slice shown in Figure 3 taken along the line 4-4 of Figure 3.
  • Figure 9 is a fragmentary sectional view of the integrated circuit structures formed in my chip containing noncompatible oxide-isolated regions.

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