United States Patent 3,510,736
May 5, 1970

Integrated Circuit Planar Transistor
Andrew G.F. Dingwall

Filed November 17, 1967
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Abstract of the Disclosure

A transistor of the type which includes a substrate layer of one conductivity type on which is grown an epitaxial layer of opposite conductivity type, a part of which functions as the collector region of the device. Emitter and base regions are diffused into the epitaxial layer. A high conductivity pocket is provided within the substrate beneath the base region such that the area directly beneath the emiiter region is left free of diffused impurities.
Figure descriptions: cover graphic

  • Figure 1 is a is a cross-section of a bipolar transistor of a type often included in integrated circuits and constructed according to the prior art.
  • Figure 2 is a cross-section of a transistor similar to that of Figure 1 but with the improved structure of the present invention.

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