United States Patent 3,517,281
June 23, 1970

Light-Emitting Silicon Carbide Semiconductor Junction Devices
Abraham I. Mlavsky
Leonard B. Griffiths

Filed January 25, 1967
Image of US PATENT 3,517,281

Abstract of the Disclosure

A light emitting silicon carbide semiconductor junction device containing a transition metal (such as Ti, Zr, or Mn) which increases the total light output or effects a shift in the peak of the electroluminescence spectrum.
Figure descriptions: cover graphic

  • Figure 1 is a semi-schematic perspective view of a typical device embodying the invention.
  • Figure 2 is a graph which compares the electroluminescence of silicon carbide diodes doped with Ti or Zr and silicon carbide diodes made according to the same method but not doped with Ti or Zr.

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