United States Patent 3,532,540
October 6, 1970

Differential Adhesion Process For Making High Resolution Thin Film Patterns
Irving M. Pearson
Milivoj Orlovic
John L. Janning

Filed October 26, 1967
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Abstract of the Disclosure

A method of forming a high resolution thin film metal, dielectric or semiconductive pattern on a substrate which takes advantage of the relatively greater adhesion of such metals, dielectrics and semiconductors to the substrate, as compared to the adhesion to the substrate of photochromic material of a spiropyran configuration. The method involves coating the substrate with a layer of the photochromic material, forming a desired image pattern thereon using ultraviolet light, removing either the exposed or the unexposed photochromic portions with a suitable solvent to form a photochromic pattern on the substrate, the overlaying the photochromic pattern and substrate with the metal, dielectric or semiconductive thin film of which the resultant pattern is to be formed. Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape is next applied over the metal, dielectric or semiconductive thin film, and then removed, with the result that the differential adhesion causes the portions of the metal, dielectric or semiconductive thin film in contact with the photochromic material to be removed with the adhesive tape, while portions in contact with the substrate remain to form the desired high resolution thin film pattern on the substrate.
Figure descriptions: cover graphic

  • Figures 1 through 6 are cross-sectional views illustrating typical steps in the formation of a high resolution metal, dielectric or semiconductive thin film pattern in accordance with the invention.

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