United States Patent 3,536,547
October 27, 1970

Plasma Deposition Of Oxide Coatings On Silicon And Electron Bombardment Of Portions Thereof To Be Etched Selectively
Paul F. Schmidt

Filed March 25, 1968
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Abstract of the Disclosure

In the fabrication of semiconductor devices involving the use of a silicon dioxide type mask for control of the diffusion of impurities, fabrication of patterns of openings in the oxide mask on the surface of a semiconductive body substrate is achieved by the following steps:
(1) expose the semiconductive body to a direct current plasma discharge in a gaseous mixture of oxygen and silicon tetrabromide in such proportions as to form a silicon dioxide type coating;
(2) bombard the oxide coating with kev. electrons according to the pattern of windows desired;
(3) expose the oxide coating to an alkaline hydroxide solution, until the coating is selectively dissolved in accordance with the desired pattern of openings therein.
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  • a flow diagram of the method accordance with this invention.

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