United States Patent 3,538,398
November 3, 1970

Semiconductor Element With Improved Guard Region
Gerald Whiting

Filed December 4, 1967
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Abstract of the Disclosure

A semiconductor element having a first region of a first type of conductivity and a second region of an opposite type of conductivity, which regions define therebetween a first P-N junction terminating peripherally in a surface of the element, is provided with an additional region of the first type of conductivity which forms a guard junction. The guard region is segmented and is located adjacent portions of the P-N junction at which, but for the presence of the guard region , the element would be most susceptible to surface breakdown
Figure descriptions: cover graphic

  • Figure 1 schematically illustrates in plan view a conventional semi-conductor embodiment and the form of depletion region normally associated therewith.
  • Figure 2 to Figure 5 similarly illustrate embodiments derived from that of Figure 1 in accordance with the first mentioned form of the invention.
  • Figure 6 schematically illustrates in plan view an embodiment in accordance with the second mentioned form of the invention.

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