United States Patent 3,539,880
November 10, 1970

MIS-FET Permanent Repair Physical Device
Jon S. Squire
James R. Cricchi

Filed December 31, 1968
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Abstract of the Disclosure

Two contact terminals of a component of an integrated circuit are insulated from each other by a layer of silicon oxide, or other insulator, of a predetermined thickness. As required, a low energy pulse is applied so that a sufficient field is produced in the insulator to break it down and form a permanent low resistance electrical path between the two electrical contacts. The permanent change from high to low resistance may be used for electrically disconnecting faulty semiconductor elements from a digital system as well as for electrically connecting elements into t digital system.
Figure descriptions: cover graphic

  • Figures 1 through 4 are elevation view in cross-section of a portion of a body of semiconductor material being processes in accordance with the teachings of this invention.
  • Figure 5 is a view depicting an electrical arrangement for forming an electrically conductive path between the two electrical contacts of the body of semiconductor material of Figure 4.

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