United States Patent 3,544,857
December 1, 1970

Integrated Circuit Assembly with Lead Structure and Method
Robert C. Byrne
Alan V. King
Albert P Youmans

Filed May 26, 1969
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Abstract of the Disclosure

An integrated circuit assembly with a lead structure which includes thin film connecting elements for making connections between the leads and the contact pads carried by a semiconductor body. The thin film connecting elements may be carried by an insulating member such as a plastic film.
Figure descriptions: cover graphic

  • Figure 1 is a greatly enlarged top plan view of a chip or die which has an integrated circuit formed thereon and which has bumps or pillars provided on the pads.
  • Figure 2 is a greatly enlarged plan view of a lead frame used in the lead structure.
  • Figure 3 is a greatly enlarged plan view of a tab and a lead pattern formed thereon also used in the lead structure.
  • Figure 6 is an enlarged top plan view of an assembly incorporating the integrated circuit chip of Figure 1, the lead frame of Figure 2 and the tab of Figure 3 into a unitary assembly.

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