United States Patent 3,555,371
January 12, 1971

Semiconductor Device With Terminals Adapter For Mass Fabrication.
Ernst Ginsberg
Oswald Hake
Norbert Kirchner
Edward Uden
Helmut Zittlau
Wilhelm Schreihage

Filed February 12, 1968
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Abstract of the Disclosure

Novel semiconductor devices comprise a semiconducting body, a plurality of electrodes parallel to each other on one surface of said body, a corresponding number of parallel cross-pieces mounted on a header, the direction of length of each cross-piece being at right angles to the direction of length of the electrodes, the cross-pieces being secured to a corresponding number of terminal posts placed in the header. The cross-pieces may be metal strips, the upper edges of which are connected with the associated electrodes or may be printed conductors. The novel semiconductor devices may be completely manufactured by automatic machinery.
Figure descriptions: cover graphic

  • Figure 1 shows a semiconductor device in accordance with the invention prior to the securing of the semiconductor body to the connecting leads the cross-pieces being constituted by metal strips the direction of length of which at right angles to the direction of length of the electrodes.

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