United States Patent 3,559,282
February 2, 1971

Method For Making Thin Semiconductor Dice
Israel A. Lesk

Filed April 25, 1967
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Abstract of the Disclosure

A process for making thin semiconductor devices wherein the semiconductor wafer starting material is initially lapped to a very thin value. Glass and a dummy substrate are then sandwiched to the wafer for further processing and to prevent breakage of the wafer when semiconductor devices such as transistors are constructed therein. Then the glass and dummy substrate are removed, leaving thin semiconductor dice having a very low thermal resistance to heat emanating from PN junctions therein.
Figure descriptions: cover graphic

  • Figures 1 through 6 illustrate respectively a sequence of steps in processing a silicon wafer and building devices in same in accordance with the present invention.
  • Figures 7 through 13 illustrate another process according to this invention in which devices are constructed in the silicon wafer and a metal-over-oxide coating is applied thereto.

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