United States Patent 3,560,756
February 2, 1971

Optical Storage Device With Solid State Light Actuated Scanning Means For Solid State Output Means
Edward F. Labuda

Filed August 28, 1968
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Abstract of the Disclosure

One surface of the target of a television camera device is scanned by a light beam, with light to be recorded being images on the opposite surface. The target comprises a substrate having a diode array on one side with a photoconductive layer being sandwiched between a transparent conductive film and the diode array. A voltage on the conductive film reverse biases the diodes. During one frame time, the diodes discharge as a function of light intensity imaged on the substrate. The scanning light beam recharges the diodes by increasing the localized conductivity of the photoconductive layer, and thus generates a video signal output.
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  • a schematic view of an illustrated embodiment of the invention.

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