United States Patent 3,771,040
November 6, 1973

Regulated DC-To-DC Converter For Voltage Step-Up Or Step-Down With Input-Output Isolation
James C. Fletcher

Filed April 18, 1972
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Abstract of the Disclosure

A closed-loop regulated dc-to-dc converter employing an unregulated two-winding inductive-energy storage converter is provided by using a mignetically couple multivibrator acting as a duty-cycle generator to drive the converter. The multivibrator is comprised of two transistor switches and a saturable transformer. The output of the converter is compared with a reference in a comparator which transmits a binary zero until the output exceeds the reference. When the output exceeds the reference, the binary output of the comparator drives transistor switches, via a dc isolation circuit, which control the multivibrator to turn the multivibrator off. The multivibrator is unbalanced so that a predetermined transistor will always turn on first when the binary feedback signal becomes zero.
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  • a block diagram of the present invention.

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