United States Patent 3,815,354
June 11, 1974

Electric Watch
Richard L. Strocka
David F. Broxterman

Filed January 2, 1973
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Abstract of the Disclosure

A low cost electronic time keeping and display system comprising a regulated voltage converter for converting a low voltage from a source to a relatively high voltage, an electronic time keeping system powered by the low voltage source for providing low voltage time signals, and a plurality of level converters powered by the high voltage for converting each of the low voltage time signals to a relatively high voltage of sufficient magnitude to operate an associated relatively high voltage display. The regulated voltage converter periodically samples the relatively high voltage with a short duty cycle to minimize current consumption. Each level converter has a complementary configuration which consumes current only during an extremely short switching cycle. A single chip CMOS design, low voltage and current requirements and compatibility with liquid crystal display make the invention ideal for use in a watch environment.
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  • a system diagram of the preferred embodiment of the invention.

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