United States Patent 3,918,081
November 4, 1975

Integrated Semmiconductor Device Employing Charge Storage And Charge Transport For Memory Or Delay Line
Frederik Leonard Johan Sangster

Filed August 19, 1971
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Abstract of the Disclosure

Integrated semiconductor device for use as a delay line or memory, for example a shift register, id described. In this device, charge is stored in surface regions of a semiconductor to represent signal levels. The stored charge may be shifted to other memory locations by establishing a charge transfer path in the semiconductor by means of a field induced channel. Charge transfer in undesirable paths is prevented by turning-off adjacent channels. Insulated gate or junction field effect transistor structures may be employed to turn on desired charge transfer paths.
Figure descriptions: cover graphic

  • diagrammatically shows a cross-sectional view of part of an embodiment of a semiconductor device according to the invention.

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