United States Patent 4,018,626
April 19, 1977

Impact Sound Stressing For Semiconductor Devices
Guenter H. Schwuttke
Kuei-Hsiung Yang

Filed September 10, 1975
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Abstract of the Disclosure

Methods of making semiconductor devices using the technique of impact sound stressing are disclosed. Impact sound stressing (ISS) is a mechanical acoustical technique to damage, in a known and controlled manner, semiconductor wafers Wafers are subjected to ISS on the backsides before semiconductor processing steps. The application of ISS before the first high temperature application will control the generation and subsequent direction of flow (gradient) of vacancies (interstitials) generated through all device high temperature processing steps including ion implantation. ISS redirects the flow of vacancies/interstitials into the backside away from the device area of the wafer. Thus, the device area is swept clean in a gettering action of vacancy/interstitials and their complexes which are detrimental to device performance. The technique of impact sound stressing finds application in improving the performance of all semiconductor devices, specifically dynamic memories, bipolars, solar cells and power devices.
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  • a schematic wafer section portraying a basic step of this invention.

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