United States Patent 4,020,472
April 26, 1977

Master Slave Registers For Interface Adaptor
Thomas H. Bennett
Earl F. Carlow
Edward C. Hepworth
Wilbur L. Mathys
William D. Mensch, Jr.
Rodney H. Orgill
Charles I. Peddle
Michael F. Wiles

Filed September 17, 1975
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Abstract of the Disclosure

An interface adaptor suitable for use in a microprocessor system includes an input register coupled to a bidirectional data bus of the microprocessor system. The interface adaptor includes a plurality of registers, including a control register and a data register, couple to the input register by means of an internal input bus. Each of the plurality of registers includes flip-flops which are coupled as slave flip-flops to corresponding flip-flops of the input register. The corresponding flip-flops of the input register function as master flip-flops. The interface adaptor also includes register selection logic circuitry for selecting one of the plurality of registers by electrically coupling its slave flip-flop to the corresponding master flip-flops of the input register.
Figure descriptions: cover graphic

  • a partial block diagram of an MPU system illustrating control register organization according to the invention.

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