United States Patent 4,040,096
August 2, 1977

Flying Spot Scanner With Runout Correction
Gary K. Starkweather

Filed October 28, 1975
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Abstract of the Disclosure

A flying spot scanning system is provided by utilizing reflected light from a multifaceted rotating polygon which is then directed to the scanned medium. A light source illuminates a portion of the mirrored sides of the polygon during each scanning cycle, to provide a desired sequence of spot scanning. In each scanning cycle, information is transmitted to the scanned medium by modulating the light from the light source in accordance with a video signal. An optical convolution of elements is selected in combination with the light source to assure a uniform spot size throughout the scan width on the scanned medium. One of these elements is a cylindrical lens placed in the optical path between the polygon and the scanned medium for allowing a wide variance in runout tolerance of the scanning system.
Figure descriptions: cover graphic

  • a side perspective view of the utilization of the cylindrical correction lens which is an integral part of the flying spot scanning system in accordance with the invention.

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