United States Patent 4,062,699
December 13, 1977

Method For Fabricating Diffusion Self-Aligned Short Channel MOS Device
William Eddie Armstrong

Filed February 20, 1976
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Abstract of the Disclosure

A diffusion self-aligned, short channel device may be fabricated by ion implantation of an n-type channel region within a p-type substrate. A p-type dopant is then implanted in and driven through a portion of the n-type channel region to form an impurity region. A diffusion self-aligned n-type channel region is then disposed in the p-type impurity region and in the n-type channel region. The method allows for the simultaneous fabrication of a channel implanted MOSFET as well as a standard MOSFET. The resulting diffusion self-aligned, short channel device is a high gain, high speed small device which can be simply combined and fabricated with channel-implanted depletion devices and low body effect devices in an integrated circuit.
Figure descriptions: cover graphic

  • Figures 1a and 2a illustrate two stages in the fabrication of a diffusion self-aligned, short channel device.
  • Figures 1b and 2b illustrate two stages in the fabrication of a depletion device.

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