United States Patent 4,087,848
May 2, 1978

Thermally Self-Protected Power Switching Semiconductor Device
Roy Hyink
Stanley V. Jaskolski
Robert W. Lade
Herman P. Schutten
Gordon B. Spellman

Filed September 20, 1976
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Abstract of the Disclosure

A semiconductor device is disclosed comprising a temperature sensitive thyristor thermally coupled to a power switching thyristor and electrically connected in parallel with the gate of the latter. The temperature sensitive thyristor senses the temperature of the power switching thyristor and automatically responds thereto above a predetermined temperature by shunting the gate current to prevent overheating of the power switching thyristor. The device may additionally include a second temperature sensitive thyristor having a lower switching temperature than the first mentioned thyristor and connected in series with the gate of the power switching thyristor whereby the latter may be triggered into conduction only within a defined temperature range bounded by the switching temperatures of the temperature sensitive thyristors. Normally off and normally on devices are also disclosed.
Figure descriptions: cover graphic

  • a schematic circuit diagram of the preferred embodiment of the present invention.

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