United States Patent 4,136,434
January 30, 1979

Fabrication Of Small Contact Openings In Large-Scale-Integrated Devices
Louis R. Thibault
Leopold D. Yau

Filed June 10, 1977
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Abstract of the Disclosure

In one embodiment, a relatively thin layer of polysilicon is deposited on an underlying region to which spaced-apart electrical contacts are to be made through a subsequently formed relatively thick insulating layer. The polysilicon is selectively masked by a patterned silicon nitride layer in the regions where contact windows are to be formed. The unmasked polysilicon is then converted to a relatively thick insulating layer in an oxidizing step. Thereafter the silicon nitride portions are removed and the remaining poiysilicon is utilized to provide conductive regions in the defined windows. In another embodiment, a relatively thick layer of polysilicon is selectively masked and partially converted to silicon dioxide to define both the insulating layer and the conductive regions. In still another embodiment, a relatively thin layer of polysilicon is patterned and then entirely converted to silicon dioxide to form an insulating layer having windows defined therein
Figure descriptions: cover graphic

  • a cross-sectional side view of a portion of specific illustrative multilayered structure made in accordance with one basic aspect of the principles of the present invention.

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