United States Patent 4,153,904
May 8, 1979

Semiconductor Device Having A High Breakdown Voltage Junction Characteristic
Al F. Tasch, Jr.
Horng-Sen Fu
Pallab K.Chatterjee

Filed October 3, 1977
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Abstract of the Disclosure

A semiconductor device having a p-n junction characterized by low electric field crowding and a resulting high avalanche breakdown voltage requirement. The semiconductor device is comprised of a semiconductor substrate having impurity atoms of one type and a first surface. A first doped region lies in said substrate at said first surface and has dopant atoms of a type opposite to said one type. A second doped region lies in said substrate at said first surface adjacent the entire perimeter of said first doped region. The second doped region extends laterally away from said first doped region, and has dopant atoms of the same type as and of less density than said dopant atoms of said first doped region
Figure descriptions: cover graphic

  • a greatly enlarged cross-sectional view of a semiconductor device having a P-N junction constructed according to the invention with the junction depletion region and electric field lines illustrated thereon for a reverse bias potential.

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