United States Patent 4,163,244
July 31, 1979

Symmetrical Integrated Injection Logic Circuit
Louis J. Ragonese
Neng-Tze Yang

Filed October 28, 1977
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Abstract of the Disclosure

The invention relates to an improved integrated injection logic circuit suitable for large scale integration. In integrated injection logic the fundamental circuit unit is a bipolar transistor having unitary base and unitary emitter with a plurality of electrically separate collectors used in combination with a complimentary bipolar transistor for base current injection. Typically, the collector of the injector is integral with the base of the first transistor. By a novel symmetric arrangement of the individual collectors in respect to both base contacts and injectors, the response of the individual collectors is closely matched even at relatively high current.
Figure descriptions: cover graphic

  • an expanded lumped equivalent circuit representation of a portion of the circuit designed to illustrate the symmetry achieved

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National Museum of American History
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