United States Patent 4,163,987
August 7, 1979

GaAs-GaAlAs Solar Cells
G. Sanjiv Kamath
Carl L. Anderson

Filed May 2, 1977
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Abstract of the Disclosure

The specification describes an improved III-V compound solar cell structure and fabrication process therefor wherein a P-type layer of gallium aluminum arsenide is epitaxially grown on an N-type gallium arsenide substrate to form a P-type region and a PN junction in the substrate. Controlled amounts of beryllium are introduced into both the epitaxial growth or by using beryllium ion implantation techniques subsequent to the P-type epitaxial growth step. The homojunction-hetrostructure device thus formed exhibits improved power conversion efficiencies in excess of 17%.
Figure descriptions: cover graphic

  • an isometric view of the completed solar cell structure embodying the invention.

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