United States Patent 4,164,003
August 7, 1979

Integrated Circuit Package And Connector Therefor
John M. Cutchaw

Filed December 20, 1977
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Abstract of the Disclosure

An improved integrated circuit package and connector therefor. The circuit pa ckage is provided with a flexible stripline terminal to serve as leads by which electrical interconnection is made with the internal circuitry thereof, and the connector is for demonuntably attaching that package to a backpanel. The connector includes a base receptacle mounted on the backpanel for aligningly receiving the integrated circuit package so that the stripline leads are the registry with the terminal pads provided on the backpanel, and the base receptacle has headed studs upstanding therefrom. A cover having apertured inclined plane means formed therein is mounted atop the base receptacle so that lateral movement of the cover receptacle relative to the base results in interaction of the studs with the inclined planes to deflect the cover downwardly and lock it in place on the base. The downward deflection of the cover exerts a force on a ring shaped pressure pad which loads the stripline leads of the package into conductive contact with the terminal pads of the backpanel.
Figure descriptions: cover graphic

  • an exploded isometric view of the integrated circuit package and connector of the present invention illustrating the various features thereof.

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