United States Patent 4,166,279
August 28, 1979

Electromigration Resistance in Gold Thin Film Conductors
Amitava Gangulee

Filed December 30, 1977
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Abstract of the Disclosure

A method and resulting structure for forming narrow intermetallic stripes which will carry high currents on bodies such as semiconductors, integrated circuits, and magnetic bubble structures, is set forth. The conductive stripe includes gold with at least one transition metal from the group niobium, zirconium and hafnium. The gold and at least one transition metal are deposited onto a supporting body. The deposited metallic material is then annealed at a temperature between about 200 C. and 500 C. for a time sufficient to form a gold-transition metal compound within a gold matrix. The conductive stripes are formed by masking and removing portions of the annealed metallic material to produce conductive stripes which may have a width of 6x10-4 inches or less. These stripes have significantly improved electromigration performance and do not have significantly increased resistance.
Figure descriptions: cover graphic

  • a greatly enlarged schematic cross-section showing one embodiment of the gold stripe of the present invention.

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National Museum of American History
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