United States Patent 4,167,747
September 11. 1979

Complementary MOSFET Device and Method of Manufacturing the Same
Kazuo Satou
Mitsuhiko Ueno

Filed March 24, 1978
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Abstract of the Disclosure

A CMOS device comprising an N type semiconductor substrate, a P type well region diffused in the substrate, an n-channel MOS transistor formed in the P type well region, and a p-channel MOS transistor formed in the N type semiconductor substrate, and a method for manufacturing the CMOS device. In case the CMOS device serves as a CMOS inverter, the source region of the p-channel MOS transistor, the semiconductor substrate and the well layer constitute a parasitic PNP type bipolar transistor, and the source region of the n-channel MOS transistor, the well layer and the semiconductor substrate constitute a parasitic NPN type bipolar transistor. The product of the current amplification factor β1 of the PNP type bipolar transistor and the current amplification factor β2 of the NPN type bipolar transistor is smaller than 1.
Figure descriptions: cover graphic

  • a cross-sectional side view of one embodiment of the semiconductor device according to the invention, with a gold layer laid on the back of the substrate.

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