United States Patent 4,172,907
October 30, 1979

Method of Protecting Bumped Semiconductor Chips
Arthur H. Mones
James E. O'Keefe

Filed December 29, 1977
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Abstract of the Disclosure

A method of protecting from physical damage the upper surface of medium and large scale integrated IC circuit chips. Certain types of IC chips are provided with a plurality of input/output terminals, or bumps, which project above the upper surface of the chips on which they are formed. The upper surface of each such chip, including its bumps, are spin coated with a thin adhesion promoter which is then dried. The chips and its terminals are next spin coated with a layer of a heat curable resin which is partially cured. The resin and the adhesion promoter are then removed from the upper surfaces of the bump by rubbing with a soft abrasive material. The resin remaining on each IC chip is then finally cured.
Figure descriptions: cover graphic

  • a perspective view, greatly enlarged, of a portion of a silicon wafer mounted on a handling plate with integrated circuit elements and their I/O terminals, or bumps, having been formed.

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