United States Patent 4,173,063
November 6, 1979

Fabrication of a Semiconductor Component Element Having a Schottky Contact and Little Series Resistance Utilizing Special Masking in Combination with Ion Implantation.
Hermann Kniepkamp
Walter Kellner

Filed June 30, 1977
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Abstract of the Disclosure

The invention relates to a semiconductor component element, in particular a Schottky field-effect transistor with a low series resistance, as well as a process for the production thereof.

By means of a novel masking technique, it is possible for the channel region to be implanted as well as the source and drain regions, in a single implantation step. Only one photomask is necessary. By a novel masking arrangement, only a small fractin of the radiated ions get through to the region of the substrate where the channel will be formed. The source and drain regions are formed by allowing a much higher portion of the ions to reach such regions. This allows ohmic contacts to be formed on the source and drain. Thus, in the implantation of the dopant particles, regions are formed with different layer resistances in the semiconductor substrate. The thus produced field-effect transistor has low series resistance between the ohmic contacts and the active zones, without the Schottky contact being adversely influenced. Diodes and other active components may also be produced in a similar manner.

A component element produced by the process is also disclosed which particularly finds use in the production of electronic circuits.
Figure descriptions: cover graphic

  • Figures 1 and 2 schematically illustrate intermediate steps in the preferred process.
  • Figure 3 schematically illustrates the finished semiconductor component element.

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