United States Patent 4,174,492
November 13, 1979

Device for Attenuating Cavity Interference Waves in a High-Frequency Electron Tube
Johannes Holle

Filed July 11, 1977
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Abstract of the Disclosure

A device for attenuating electromagnetic cavity interference waves, which occur in the vacuum system of a high-frequency electron tube, in particular a transmitting tube, comprising a wave-guide portion coupled to the cavity of the electron tube, which may or may not form a part of the vacuum system of the electron tube, and which wave-guide portion may have a length corresponding approximately to a quarter wave length of the interference waves, and is provided with a high-ohmic resistive coating, the high resistance of which is transformed by the wave-guide portion into a low resistance with respect to the cavity interference waves which are to be attenuated, in the cavity of the electron tube.
Figure descriptions: cover graphic

  • a sectional view illustrating the application of the present invention, in which the wave-guide portion is constructed as part of the vacuum system of the electron tube.

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