United States Patent 4,198,263
April 15, 1980

Mask For Soft X-Rays And Method Of Manufacture
Takashi Matsuda

Filed March 29, 1977
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Abstract of the Disclosure

A mask for soft X-rays comprising a silicon film which permits the penetration of soft X-rays, a soft X-ray mask pattern deposited on one surface of the silicon film, and a supporting member composed of silicon layers and disposed marginally on the other surface of the silicon film, the silicon film being formed on the supporting member by epitaxial growth or impurity diffusion.

A method of making a mask for soft X-rays which comprises the steps of successively forming a first and a second layer on a silicon substrate by epitaxial growth or the like, the first and second layers having different impurity concentrations; forming a soft X-ray mask pattern on the second layer; etching the silicon substrate selectively to remove the silicon substrate except its marginal region; and etching the first layer.
Figure descriptions: cover graphic

  • a sectional side view of an improved mask for soft X-rays illustrating one form of the method of this invention.

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