United States Patent 4,204,894
May 27, 1980

Process For Fabrication Of Semiconductors Utilizing Selectively Etchable Diffusion Sources In Combinaion With Melt-Flow Techniques
Tadao Komeda
Kazufumi Ogawa

Filed May 2, 1979
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Abstract of the Disclosure

A process for fabrication of semiconductor devices comprising the steps of depositing over the surface of a semiconductor wafer a first insulating layer containing impurities which are to be diffused into the wafer so as to form source and drain regions, depositing a second insulating and melt-flow layer which is softened or melted at low temperatures, opening contact windows, forming a third insulating layer which also contains impurities to be diffused into the wafer so as to form source drain regions, subjecting the wafer to a heat treatment so as to cause melt-flow and form source and drain regions by the diffusion and removing the third insulating layer. LSI circuits with a high source-drain breakdown voltage may be fabricated at high yields.
Figure descriptions: cover graphic

  • schematic sectional views, on exaggerated scale, of the sequential steps of one embodiment of a process for fabrication of semiconductor devices in accordance with the present invention.

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