United States Patent 4,206,471
June 3, 1980

Semiconductor Storage Element And A Process For The Production Thereof
Kurt Hoffman
Reiner Sigusch

Filed September 18, 1978
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Abstract of the Disclosure

A semiconductor storage element is disclosed having a storage capacitor whose storage electrode is arranged above a doped semiconductor layer. The storage electrode is formed of a portion of a strip-like reference potential line which is separated from the semiconductor layer by a thin insulating layer. A transfer gate is also provided adjacent to the storage electrode which is formed from a portion of a strip-like word line likewise separated from the semiconductor layer by a thinner insulating layer. An oppositely doped zone is arranged at a surface of the semiconductor layer and serves as a bit line. The word line and the reference potential line run parallel to one another. When a potential is connected to the transfer gate, the bit line doped zone may be selectively conductively connected to the storage zone. The reference potential line for one group of the storage elements can be also used as a word line for another group of the storage elements
Figure descriptions: cover graphic

  • a plan view of a semiconductor storage element designed in accordance with the invention.

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