United States Patent 4,209,894
July 1, 1980

Fusible-Link Semiconductor Memory
Ralph S. Keen

Filed April 27, 1978
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Abstract of the Disclosure

A programmable read only memory array of the fusible link type employs a small part of a deposited metal film as a fuse. The film is covered by a protective glaze which seals the surface of the semiconductor chip to avoid deterioration of the transistors of other components. In order to minimize heat loss to the semiconductor substrate when programming, and to provide a cavity beneath the protective glaze, the metal film is raised above the surface at the position of the fusible link. This is accomplished by a segment of photoresist applied prior to metal deposition, then removed with photoresist stripper after the metal is patterned.
Figure descriptions: cover graphic

  • an elevation view in section of the semiconductor link.

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