United States Patent 4,210,473
July 1, 1980

Process For Producing A Semiconductor Device
Mikio Takagi
Hajime Kamioka
Haruo Shimoda
Hidekazu Miyamoto

Filed October 30, 1978
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Abstract of the Disclosure

Disclosed is a process for producing a semiconductor device, especially, a high speed silicon gate field effect semiconductor device, by diffusing an impurity substance, such as arsenic, or phosphorus, into a polycrystalline silicon layer to be converted into a silicon gate having a high electroconductivity and into portions of a single crystal silicon substrate to be converted into source and drain regions, in a sealed capsule, at an elevated temperature, under a vacuum. During the above-mentioned diffusing operation, the impurity substance can diffuse into the polycrystalline silicon layer at a higher diffusing speed than into the single crystal silicon substrate
Figure descriptions: cover graphic

  • illustrates a step of the process of the present invention for producing an n-channel type MIS semiconductor device.

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