United States Patent 4,210,689
July 1, 1980

Method Of Producing Semiconductor Devices
Shigeru Komatsu

Filed December 13, 1978
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Abstract of the Disclosure

Semiconductor devices are produced by forming a first insulation film of a relatively high density on a semiconductor substrate having a first semiconductor region formed therein in advance, said first insulation film covering said first semiconductor region, and forming a second insulation film of a relatively low density on the first insulation film. The second insulation film is provided with at least one hole, and the second insulation film is densified to a level substantially equal to that of the first insulation film. Then the exposed portion of the first insulation film is provided with at least one opening with a nitride film used as a mask, and an impurity is diffused through the opening into the first semiconductor region to form therein a second semiconductor region
Figure descriptions: cover graphic

  • cross sectional views showing the steps of producing a semiconductor device by utilizing a conventional self-aligning technique.

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