United States Patent 4,213,192
July 15, 1980

Electron Beam Accessed Read-Write-Erase Random Access Memory
Alton O. Christensen, Sr.

Filed January 15, 1979
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Abstract of the Disclosure

An electron beam storage device is disclosed. A beam impinges on a target. The target stores data and it can be read as needed. The target is made of multiple layers, from the top, a first layer of thin conductive metal, and a semiconductor joined to it to define a Schottky diode. The beam liberates ionized pairs in the semiconductor. This is joined to an adjacent layer of dielectric and there is another layer of dielectric . The charge in the semiconductor causes tunneling across the first dielectric into the second where it is held.

A bottom layer of metal serves as a gate and terminal for bias voltages. The beam is directed to selected X-Y locations to store data, and read in the same manner
Figure descriptions: cover graphic

  • a sectional view through the target of the present invention showing the various layers which comprise the target.

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