United States Patent 4,216,573
August 12, 1980

Three Mask Process For Making Field Effect Transistors
Madhukar L. Joshi
Richard K. Mason
Wilber D. Pricer

Filed May 8, 1978
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Abstract of the Disclosure

A three mask method is provided for making a field effect transistor which inclu des the use of a first mask for defining first and second spaced apart diffusion regions, each having first and second ends, a second mask for defining a contact region at the first end of the first and second diffusion regions and for defining a protected region at the gate region and source and drain electrodes of the transistor, the protected region extending between the second ends of the first and second diffusion regions, and a third mask for forming a gate electrode within the protected region and contact electrodes in the contact region. The source and drain electrodes are formed between the gate electrode and the first and second diffusion regions by ion implantation techniques. The surfaces of the first and second diffusion regions between the contact electrodes and the second end of the first and second diffusions are oxidized to provide a crossover arrangement for gate electrode wiring, when desired, without requiring additional process steps.
Figure descriptions: cover graphic

  • an isometric view of a transistor made in accordance with the process of the present invention.

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