United States Patent 4,217,573
August 12, 1980

Switching Unit For Selectively Connecting Together Various Combinations Of Audio Subsystems
Elwood G. Norris

Filed April 5, 1979
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Abstract of the Disclosure

A switching unit selectively couples together various combinations of audio subsystems from three or more different groups of such subsystems, to thereby allow a complete audio system to be "constructed" for use. The switching unit is designed to be used in sales showrooms or similar environments where it is desired to demonstrate several different combinations of audio subsystems. The switching unit permits any one subsystem of a first group, typically source subsystems such as turntables, tuners, and tape-decks, to be connected to any one subsystem of a second group, typically amplifier subsystems. The switching unit further permits the subsystem of the second group to be connected to any one subsystem of a third group, typically speaker subsystems. The selection of the particular subsystems from each group may be controlled by a hand-held remote selector, thereby allowing the user thereof to walk around the showroom floor as the various selections are made.
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  • a system block diagram of one illustrative embodiment of the present invention.

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