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A random sampling of patents relating to the developments within integrated circuit technologies. When choosing a link you will be able to view the patent cover graphic, literal transcriptions of the abstract, figures and citations pertaining to your particular patent selection.

2,756,485     July 31, 1956
Process of Assembling Electrical Circuits
  Moe Abramson, Stanislaus F. Danko

2,799,001     July 9, 1957
Converting System
  Kenneth E. H. Backman, Glen R. Madland

2,830,200     April 8, 1958
Power Supply
  Kenneth E. H. Backman, Glen R. Madland

2,915,624     December 1, 1959
  Glen R. Madland, Raymond G. Worobey

2,984,740     May 16, 1961
Portable Radio
  Glen R. Madland, Dominic Errichiello

3,070,737     December 25, 1962
Voltage Converter
  Jerome A. Johnson, Glen R. Madland

3,202,904     August 24, 1965
Electronic Switching Circuit
  Glen R. Madland

3,304,594     February 21, 1967
Method of Making Integrated Circuit by Controlled Process
  Glen R. Madland

3,456,159     July 15, 1969
Connections For Microminiature Functional Components
  Edward M. Davis Jr., Robert D. McNutt, Arthur H. Mones

3,456,166     July 15, 1969
Junction Capacitor
  Joseph M. Welty

3,456,167     July 15, 1969
Semiconductor Optical Radiation Device
  James R. Biard

3,456,169     July 15, 1969
Integrated Circuits Using Heavily Doped Surface Region To Prevent Channels And Methods For Making
  Thomas Klein

3,456,616     July 22, 1969
Vapor Deposition Apparatus Including Orbital Substrate Support
  Paul S. Gleim, Jimmie B. Sherer

3,457,123     July 22, 1969
Methods For Making Semiconductor Structures Having Glass Insulated Islands
  Bernard VanPul

3,457,125     July 22, 1969
Passivation Of Semiconductor Devices
  Bruce M. Kerr

3,457,475     July 22, 1969
Semiconductor Device With Integral Electrodes, Constituting A Unitary Vitreous Structure
  Cheng Chen, Gordon Kowa

3,457,632     July 29, 1969
Process For Implanting Buried Layers In Semiconductor Devices
  Russell P. Dolan Jr., Sven A. Roosild

3,457,636     July 29, 1969
Twin-Film Resistor Adjustment
  John W. Ireland, James C. Holloway

3,457,637     July 29, 1969
Method For Trimming Cermet Resistors
  Allan S. Halpren

3,457,639     July 29, 1969
Method For Alignment Of Microcircuit Devices On Substrate
  Charles W. Weller

3,458,102     July 29, 1969
Semiconductor Wafer Pickup And Bonding Tool
  Earl A. Zanger Jr., Peter R. Szasz

3,458,368     July 29, 1969
Integrated Circuits And Fabrication Thereof
  Rolf R. Haberecht

3,458,780     July 29, 1969
Wedge Bonded Leads For Semiconductor Devices
  Joe R. McDaniel

3,458,847     July 29, 1969
Thin-Film Resistors
  Robert K. Waits

3,458,925     August 5, 1969
Method Of Forming Solder Mounds On Substrates
  John Napier, Raeman P. Sopher, Paul A. Totta, David DeWitt, Clarence Karan

3,459,152     August 5, 1969
Apparatus For Epitaxially Producing A Layer On A Substrate
  Lilburn H. Garrison, William E. Winter

3,459,998     August 5, 1969
Modular Circuit Assembly
  Joseph P. Focarile

3,460,003     August 5, 1969
Metalized Semiconductor Device With Fired-On Glaze Consisting Of...
  Aram K. Hampikian, Oscar D. Biddy Jr.

3,460,006     August 5, 1969
Semiconductor Integrated Circuits With Improved Isolation
  Gene Strull

3,460,007     August 5, 1969
Semiconductor Junction Device
  Joseph H. Scott Jr.

3,460,010     August 5, 1969
Thin Film Decoupling Capacitor Incorporated In An Integrated Circuit Chip, And Process For Making Same
  Robert J. Domenico, Robert H.F. Lloyd

3,460,050     August 5, 1969
Integrated Circuit Amplifier
  Melbourne J. Hellstrom

3,460,241     August 12, 1969
Method Of Counting Semiconductor Devices On Thick Film Circuits
  Nathan S. Eherenberg

3,461,003     August 12, 1969
Method of Fabricating A Semiconductor Structure With An Electrically Isolated Region Of Semiconductor Material
  Don M. Jackson Jr.

3,461,004     August 12, 1969
Method Of Epitaxially Growing Layers Of Semi Conducting Compounds
  Horst P. Lochner, Bayreuth Dersin, Hans Jurgen Dersin

3,461,323     August 12, 1969
Negative Resistance Semiconductor Device
  Charles O. Mulford

3,461,357     August 12, 1969
Multilevel Terminal Metallurgy For Semiconductor Devices
  Walter E. Mutter, Paul A. Totta

3,461,361     August 12, 1969
Complementary MOS Transistor Integrated Circuits With Inversion Layer Formed By Ionic Discharge Bombardment
  Peter Delivorias

3,461,524     August 19, 1969
Method For Making Closely Spaced Conductive Layers
  Martin P. Lepselter

3,461,548     August 19, 1969
Production Of An Electrical Device
  Hans-Jurgen Schutz, Klaus Hennings

3,461,836     August 19, 1969
Epitactic Vapor Coating Apparatus
  Heinz Henker

3,462,298     August 19, 1969
Oxide Coating For Semiconductor Surfaces
  Koichi Ikeda, Katsuji Minagawa, Toru Nakagawa

3,462,321     August 19, 1969
Process Of Epitaxial Growth Of Silicon Carbide
  Paul L. Vitkus

3,462,349     August 19, 1969
Method Of Forming Metal Contacts On Electrical Components
  Geza E. Gorgenyi

3,462,650     August 19, 1969
Electrical Circuit Manufacture
  Klaus Hennings, Hans-Jurgen Schiitz, Gerhard Ulbricht

3,462,657     August 19, 1969
Protection Means for Surface Semiconductor Devices having Thin Oxide Films Therein
  Dale M. Brown

3,462,658     August 19,1969
Multi-Emitter Semiconductor Device
  Gerald S. Worchel, Robert L. Reber

3,462,742     August 19, 1969
Computer System Adapted To Be Constructed Of Large Integrated Circuit Arrays
  Henry S. Miller, Robert J. Linhardt, Robert D. Sidnam

3,463,715     August 26, 1969
Method Of Cathodically Sputtering A Layer Of Silicon Having Reduced Resistivity
  Murray Bloom

3,463,974     August 26, 1969
MOS Transistor And Method Of Manufacture
  James W. Kelley, Charles T. Plough

3,464,868     September 2, 1969
Method Of Enhancing Transistor Switching Characteristics
  Roger Edwards, Paul Perron Jr.

3,465,215     September 2, 1969
Process For Fabricating Monolithic Circuits Having Matched Complementary Transistors And Product
  Ralph O. Bohannon Jr., Robert A. Stehlin

3,466,741     September 16, 1969
Method Of Producing Integrated Circuits And The Like
  Richard Wiesner

3,467,557     September 16, 1969
Polycrystalline Semiconductor Devices
  Henley Frank Sterling

3,468,728     September 23, 1969
Method For Forming Ohmic Contact For A Semiconductor Device
  Robert Clurin Martin

3,468,729     September 23, 1969
Method Of Making A Semiconductor By Oxidizing And Simultaneous Diffusion Of Impurities Having Different Rates Of Diffusivity
  Walter C. Benzing

3,469,155     September 23, 1969
Punch-Through Means Integrated With MOS Type Devices For Protection Against Insulation Layer Breakdown
  Herman van Beck

3,469,308     September 30, 1969
Fabrication Of Semiconductor Devices
  Robert L. Luce

3,469,953     September 30, 1969
Lead Frame Assembly For Semiconductor Devices
  Michael J. St. Clair, William L. Keady

3,470,038     September 30, 1969
Electroluminescent P-N Junction Device And Preparation Thereof
  Ralph A. Logan, Harry G. White

3,470,039     September 30, 1969
Continous Junction Growth
  Paul C. Goundry, James C. Boatman

3,470,076     September 30, 1969
Method Of Removing Alkali Metal Impurity From An Oxide Coating
  Thomas Klein, Keith Harlow Nicholas

3,470,609     October 7, 1969
Method Of Producing A Control System
  Gary C. Breitweiser

3,470,611     October 7, 1969
Semiconductor Device Assembly Method
  Chandler H. McIver, Sidney R. Siegel, William W. White Jr.

3,471,754     October 7, 1969
Isolation Structure For Integrated Circuit
  Kinji Hoshi, Kinji Wakamiya

3,472,688     October 14, 1969
Resistor Element And Method For Manufacturing The Same
  Teruo Haysashi, Hiroyuki Kobayashi

3,472,689     October 14, 1969
Vapor Deposition Of Silicon-Nitrogen Insulating Coatings
  Joseph H. Scott

3,472,712     October 14, 1969
Field-Effect Device With Insulated Gate
  Robert W. Bower

3,473,094     October 14, 1969
Integrated Arrangement For Integrated Circuit Structures
  Luke Dillon Jr.

3,473,977     October 21, 1969
Semiconductor Fabrication Technique Permitting Examination Of Epitaxially Grown Layers
  Glenn W. Skouson

3,473,978     October 21, 1969
Epitaxial Growth Of Germanium
  Don M. Jackson Jr., Robert W. Howard

3,473,979     October 21, 1969
Semiconductor Device
  John C. Haenichen

3,473,980     October 21, 1969
Significant Impurity Sources For Solid State Diffusion
  William E. Beadle, Kenneth E. Benson

3,474,304     October 21, 1969
Monolithic Thin-Film Devices With Active And Resistive Regions
  Cedric G. Currin, Andrew Herczog, Robert J. Settzo

3,474,308     October 21, 1969
Monolithic Circuits Having Matched Complementary Transistors, Sub-Epitaxial And Surface Resistors, And N And P Channel Field Effect Transistors
  John W. Kronlage

3,474,309     October 21, 1969
Monolithic Circuit With High Q Capacitor
  Robert A. Steblin

3,475,234     October 28, 1969
Method For Making MIS Structures
  Robert E. Kerwin, Donald L. Klein, John C. Sarace

3,475,235     October 28, 1969
Process For Fabricating A Semiconductor Device
  Thomas P. Nowalk, Adalbert Knopp

3,475,661     October 28, 1969
Semiconductor Device Including Polycrystalline Areas Among Monocrystalline Areas
  Saburo Iwata, Akira Misawa

3,475,664     October 28, 1969
Ambient Atmosphere Isolated Semiconductor Devices
  Dale Byron DeVries

3,476,592     November 4, 1969
Method For Producing Improved Epitaxial Films
  Melvin Berkenbilt, Arnold Reisman

3,476,617     November 4, 1969
Assembly Having Adjacent Regions Of Different Semiconductor Material On An Insulator Substrate And Method Of Manufacture
  Paul Harvey Robinson

3,476,619     November 4, 1969
Semiconductor Device Stabilization
  Donald L. Tolliver

3,476,620     November 4, 1969
Fabrication Of Diffused Junction Semiconductor Devices
  Joan M. Crishal, James P. Sandstrom

3,476,621     November 4, 1969
Impurity Diffusion Source And Method
  Frank L. Glitter

3,476,991     November 4, 1969
Inversion Layer Field Effect Device With Azimuthally Dependent Carrier Mobility
  Jack P. Mize, Derek Colman

3,477,123     November 11, 1969
Masking Technique For Area Reduction Of Planar Transistors
  Fred Barson, Lubertus L. Kuiper

3,477,885     November 11, 1969
Method For Producing A Structure Composed Of Mutually Insulated Semiconductor Regions For Integrated Circuits
  Heinz Henker

3,479,233     November 18, 1969
Method For Simultaneously Forming A Buried Layer And Surface Connection In Semiconductor Devices
  Robert H. Lloyd

3,479,237     November 15, 1969
Etch Masks On Semiconductor Surfaces
  Arpada A. Bergh, Willem van Gelder

3,481,776     December 2, 1969
Ion Implantation To Form Conductive Contact
  Kenneth E. Manchester

3,481,781     December 2, 1969
Silicate Glass Coating Of Semiconductor Devices
  Werner Kearn

3,481,801     December 2, 1969
Isolation Technique For Integrated Circuits
  Frances Hugle

3,484,308     December 16, 1969
Semiconductor Device
  Israel Arnold Lesk

3,484,311     December 16, 1969
Silicon Deposition Process
  Walter C. Benzing

3,484,312     December 16, 1969
Method For Forming Alloy Contacts To Gallium Arsenide
  Felix Ermanis, Bertram Schwartz

3,485,666     December 23, 1969
Method Of Forming A Silicon Nitride Coating
  Henry Frank Sterling, Charles George Swann

3,486,029     December 23, 1969
Radiative Interconnection Arrangement
  John R. Barrett, Thomas E. Bray, Gerald E. Claflin

3,486,950     December 30, 1969
Localized Control Of Carrier Lifetimes In P-N Junction Devices And Integrated Circuits
  Israel A. Lesk

3,486,953     December 30, 1969
Selective Removal Of Dendrites From Dendritic Webbed Semiconductor Material
  David W. Ing, Thomas J. Hunt

3,488,235     January 6, 1970
Triple-Epitaxial Layer High Power, High Speed Transistor
  Donald A. Walczak, Peter J. Kannam

3,488,452     January 6, 1970
Record Speed Compensation For Systems For Processing Recorder Information
  William F. Gunning, R. Glen

3,488,459     January 6, 1970
Record Speed Compensation For Systems For Processing Recorder Information
  William F. Gunning, R. Glen Madsen

3,488,834     January 13, 1970
Microelectronic Circuit Formed In An Insulating Substrate And Method Of Making The Same
  Stephen S. Baird

3,489,622     January 13, 1970
Method Of Making High Frequency Transistors
  Fred Barson, Vir A. Dhaka

3,489,845     January 13, 1970
Ceramic-Glass Header For A Semiconductor Device
  Rafael Landron

3,489,952     January 13, 1970
Encapsulated Microelectronic Devices
  John F. Hinchey

3,489,961     January 13, 1970
Mesa Etching For Isolation Of Functional Elements In Integrated Circuits
  Bert L. Frescura, Jon M. Schroeder

3,490,140     January 20, 1970
Methods For Making Semiconductor Devices
  Stephen Knight, Michiyuki Uenohara

3,490,961     January 20, 1970
Method Of Producing Silicon Body
  Rudolf G. Frieser, James J. Casey

3,490,962     January 20, 1970
Diffusion Process
  Micahel C. Duffy, David P. Kennedy, Philip C. Murley, William J. Armstrong, Jack J. Seabolt

3,490,963     January 20, 1970
Production Of Planar Semiconductor Devices By Masking And Diffusion
  John L. Sprague

3,490,964     January 20, 1970
Process Of Forming Semiconductor Devices By Masking And Diffusion
  Charles Alexander

3,491,434     January 27, 1970
Junction Isolation Diffusion
  Richard L. Cunningham, Harold G Carlson

3,491,435     January 27, 1970
Process For Manufacturing Headless Encapsulated Semiconductor Devices
  Horst Knau, Valentin Moll, Dieter Sautter

3,492,023     February 10, 1970
Method Of Producing Semiconductor Integrated Circuits
  Heinz Dorendorf

3,492,175     January 27, 1970
Method Of Doping Semiconductor Material
  Raymond W. Conrad, Robert W. Haisty, Edward W. Mehal

3,492,489     January 27, 1970
Gunn-Type Electroluminescent Device
  Alan G. Chynoweth

3,492,548     January 27, 1970
Electroluminescent Device And Method Of Operating
  Alvin M. Goodman

3,492,549     January 27, 1970
Bistable Electroluminescent Insulated Gate Field Effect Semiconductor Device
  John L. Janning

3,493,811     February 3, 1970
Epitaxial Semiconductor Material On Dissimilar Substrate And Method For Producing The Same
  Richard E. Ewing

3,494,017     February 10, 1970
Method Of Mounting Beam Lead Semiconductor Devices For Precision Shaping
  Austin L. Tyler

3,494,023     February 10, 1970
Method of Producing Semiconductor Integrated Circuits
  Heinz Dorendorf

3,494,809     February 10, 1970
Semiconductor Processing
  Carl A. Ross

3,495,140     February 10, 1970
Light-Emitting Diodes And Method Of Making Same
  Roy H. Cornely, Walter F. Kosonocky

3,495,322     February 17, 1970
Process For Bonding A Silicon Wafer To A Ceramic Substrate
  Marcy B. Goldstein

3,496,429     February 17, 1970
Solid State Light Sources
  Robert J. Robinson

3,497,407     February 24, 1970
Etching Of Semiconductor Coatings Of SiO2
  Ronald P. Esch, William A. Plliskin

3,498,833     March 3, 1970
Double Masking Technique For Integrated Circuit
  William I. Lehrer

3,500,139     March 10, 1970
Integrated Circuit Utilizing Dielectric Plus Junction Isolation
  Jean-Claude Frouin, Michel de Brebisson

3,501,681     March 17, 1970
Face Bonding Of Semiconductor Devices
  Basil Weir

3,506,504     April 14, 1970
Method Of Making Shallow-Diffused Semiconductor Regions
  Robert I. Luce

3,506,891     April 14, 1970
Epitaxial Planar Transistor
  Robert I. Luce

3,506,893     April 14, 1970
Integrated Circuits With Surface Barrier Diodes
  Vir A. Dhaka

3,507,036     April 21, 1970
Test Sites For Monolithic Circuits
  Igor Antipov, Irving Feinberg, Charles H. Van de Zande, Waily L. Wing, Horst H. Berger

3,507,709     April 21, 1970
Method Of Irradiating Dielectric-Coated Semiconductor Bodies With Low Energy Electrons
  Robert W. Bower

3,507,713     April 21, 1970
Monolithic Circuit Chip Containing Noncompatible Oxide-Isolated Regions
  Bernard L. Kravitz

3,507,716     April 21, 1970
Method Of Manufacturing Semiconductor Device
  Sumio Nishida, Toshizi Mogi

3,508,324     April 28, 1970
Method Of Making Contacts To Semiconductor Devices
  Stephen A. Idzik, Robert I. Luce

3,508,325     April 28, 1970
Method Of Making Insulation Structures For Crossover Leads In Integrated Circuitry
  Thomas A. Perry

3,508,962     April 28, 1970
Epitaxial Growth Process
  Harold M. Manasevit, William I. Simpson

3,508,980     April 28, 1970
Method Of Fabricating An Integrated Circuit Structure With Dielectric Isolation
  Don M. Jackson, Bernard W. Boland

3,509,433     April 28, 1970
Contacts For Buried Layers In A Dielectrically Isolated Semiconductor Pocket
  John M. Schroeder

3,510,369     May 5, 1970
Selective Diffusion Masking Process
  Frederick G. Ernick, Paul M. Kisinko

3,510,735     May 5, 1970
Transistor With Integral Pinch Resistor
  Gene Barrack Potter

3,510,736     May 5, 1970
Integrated Circuit Planar Transistor
  Andrew G.F. Dingwall

3,511,702     May 12, 1970
Epitaxial Growth Process From An Atmosphere Composed Of A Hydrogen Halide, Semiconductor Halide And Hydrogen
  Don M. Jackson, Bernard W. Boland

3,511,723     May 12, 1970
Method For Production Of Epitaxial Films
  John W. Burd

3,512,056     May 12, 1970
Double Epitaxial Layer High Power, High Speed Transistor
  Ting Li Chu, Peter J. Kannam, Donald A. Walczak

3,513,042     May 19, 1970
Method Of Making A Semiconductor Device By Diffusion
  Peter J. Hagon

3,514,715     May 26, 1970
Multilayers, Light Emitting Semiconductor Device
  Walter F. Kosonocky

3,514,844     June 2, 1970
Method Of Making Field-Effect Device With Insulated Gate
  Robert W. Bower, Gordon A. Shifrin

3,514,845     June 2, 1970
Method Of Making Integrated Circuits With Complementary Elements
  Wilhelm H. Legat, Alan F. Dixon

3,515,576     June 2, 1970
Single Crystal Silicon On Beryllium Oxide
  H.M. Manasevit

3,517,198     June 23, 1970
Light Emitting And Absorbing Devices
  Herbert R. Phillipp

3,517,278     June 23, 1970
Flip Chip Structure
  Richard W. Hagar

3,517,279     June 23, 1970
Face-Bonded Semiconductor Device Utilizing Solder Surface Tension Balling Effect
  Koichi Ikeda, Katsuji Minagawa, Shigezo Tanake

3,517,281     June 23, 1970
Light-Emitting Silicon Carbide Semiconductor Junction Devices
  Abraham I. Mlavsky, Leonard B. Griffiths

3,518,494     June 30, 1970
Radiation Resistant Semiconductor Device And Method
  Brian David James

3,518,503     June 30, 1970
Semiconductor Structures Of Single Crystals On Polycrystalline Substrates
  Ven Y. Doo

3,518,506     June 30, 1970
Semiconductor Device With Contact Metallurgy Thereon, And Method For Making Same
  Harlan R. Gates

3,518,509     June 30, 1970
Complementary Field-Effect Transistors On Common Substrate By Multiple Epitaxy Techniques
  Roger Cullis

3,518,510     June 30, 1970
Planar Transistor With Substrate-Base Connection Providing Automatic Gain Control
  Jack Stewart Lamming

3,518,635     June 30, 1967
Digital Memory Apparatus
  Robert H. Cole, Samuel Nissim, George V. Podraza

3,518,750     July 7, 1970
Method Of Manufacturing A MISFET
  Kenneth J. Moyle

3,518,751     July 7, 1970
Electrical Connection And/Or Mounting Arrays For Integrated Circuit Chips
  Warren P. Waters, Richard J. Belardi

3,518,753     July 7, 1970
Glass Encapsulated Semiconductor Devices
  P.J. Heidenreich

3,519,897     July 7, 1970
Semiconductor Surface Inversion Protection
  J.F. Ferrell

3,519,898     July 7, 1970
High Power Semiconductor Device Having A Plurality Of Emitter Regions
  Teruo Nakatani

3,519,901     July 7, 1970
Bi-Layer Inculation Structure Including Polycrystalline Semiconductor Material For Integrated Circuit Isolation
  K.E. Bean, Billy M. Martin

3,520,722     July 14, 1970
Fabrication Of Semiconductive Devices With Silicon Nitride Coatings
  J.H. Scott Jr.

3,524,113     August 11, 1970
Colementary PNP-NPN Transistors And Fabrication Method Thereof
  Benjamin Agusta, Neil D. Lubart

3,525,909     August 25, 1970
Transistors For Use In An Emitter Circuit With Extended Emitter Electrode
  Gunther Eberhard, Richard Wiesner

3,526,783     September 1, 1970
Multiphase Gate Usable In Multiple Phase Gating Systems
  Robert K. Booher

3,531,856     October 6, 1970
Assembling Semiconductor Devices
  Harold B Bell, George A. Doyle

3,531,857     October 6, 1970
Method Of Manufacturing Substrate For Semiconductor Integrated Circuit
  Selichi Iwamatsu

3,532,540     October 6, 1970
Differential Adhesion Process For Making High Resolution Thin Film Patterns
  Irving M. Pearson, Milivoj Orlovic, John L. Janning

3,532,563     October 6, 1970
Doping Of Semiconductor Surfaces
  Milton Genser

3,533,155     October 13, 1970
Bonding With A Compliant Medium
  Alexander Coucoulas

3,533,158     October 13, 1970
Method Of Utilizing An Ion Beam To Form Custom Circuits
  Robert W. Bower

3,533,160     October 13, 1970
Air-Isolated Integrated Circuits
  James A. Cuningham, Elias G. Hanna

3,534,231     October 13, 1970
Low Bulk Leakage Current Avalanche Photodiode
  James R. Biard

3,534,233     October 13, 1970
Hermetically Sealed Electrical Device
  Arthur H. Long

3,534,234     October 13, 1970
Modified Planar Process For Making Semiconductor Devices Having Ultrafine Mesa Type Geometry
  Loyd H. Clevenger

3,534,235     October 13, 1970
IGFET With Offset Gate And Biconductivity Channel Region
  Robert W. Bower, Hans G. Dill

3,534,236     October 13, 1970
Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Structure
  Kenneth E Bean, Walter R. Runyan

3,534,237     October 13, 1970
Power Isolation Of Integrated Circuits
  Constantine S. Ananiades

3,535,137     October 20, 1970
Method Of Fabricating Etch Resistant Masks
  Ivan Haller, Michael Hatzakis, Rangaswamy Srinivasan

3,535,600     October 20, 1970
MOS Varactor Diode
  William E. Engeler

3,535,773     October 27, 1970
Method Of Manufacturing Semiconductor Devices
  Martin B. Bakker, Stanley A. Swearingen

3,535,774     October 27, 1970
Method Of Fabricating Semiconductor Devices
  Lawrence K. Baker

3,535,775     October 27, 1970
Formation Of Small Semiconductor Structures
  Marvin Garfinkel, William E. Engeler

3,536,547     October 27, 1970
Plasma Deposition Of Oxide Coatings On Silicon And Electron Bombardment Of Portions Thereof To Be Etched Selectively
  Paul F. Schmidt

3,536,964     October 27, 1970
Semiconductor Device Sealed Gas-Tight By Thixotropic Material
  Udo Lob, Hans-Jurgen Nixdorf

3,536,965     October 27, 1970
Metallic Contact And Interconnection System For Semiconductor Devices
  Wilburn O. Shurtleff

3,537,169     November 3, 1970
Method Of Severing A Semiconductor Wafer
  Jacobus Eigeman, Hermanus Antonius van de Pas Nijmegen

3,537,889     November 3, 1970
Low Temperature Formation Of Oxide Layers On Silicon Elements Of Semiconductor Devices
  Edwin J. Mets, Ralph I. Jurgensen

3,537,892     November 3, 1970
Metallizing Composition Conductor And Method
  Stephen A. Milkovich, Lewis F. Miller

3,537,921     November 3, 1970
Selective Hydrofluoric Acid Etching And Subsequent Processing
  Bernard W. Boland

3,537,925     November 3, 1970
Method Of Forming A Fine Line Apertured Film
  Arthur C. Chen

3,538,398     November 3, 1970
Semiconductor Element With Improved Guard Region
  Gerald Whiting

3,538,399     November 3, 1970
PN Gated Field Effect Transistor Having Buried Layer Of Low Resistivity
  Heber J. Bresee

3,538,449     November 3, 1970
Lateral PNP-NPN Composite Monolithic Differential Amplifier
  James E. Solomon

3,538,597     November 10, 1970
Flatpack Lid And Method
  Charles Z. Leinkram, Michael A. Shimkus

3,539,391     November 10, 1970
Methods Of Coating Semiconductor Materials With Conductive Metals
  D.C. Lepiane

3,539,876     November 10, 1970
Monolithic Integrated Structure Including Fabrication Thereof
  Irving Feinberg, Jack Lee Langdon, Carl Lee Sitler

3,539,880     November 10, 1970
MIS-FET Permanent Repair Physical Device
  Jon S. Squire, James R. Cricchi

3,539,882     November 10, 1970
Flip Chip Thick Film Device
  Charles D. Mulford, Jr, Charles F. Carroll

3,539,884     November 10, 1970
Integrated Transistor and Variable Capacitor
  Gerald Schaffner

3,540,925     November 17, 1970
Ion Bombardment of Insulated Gate Semiconductor Devices
  Terry G. Athanas, David M. Griswold

3,540,926     November 17, 1970
Nitride Insulating Films Deposited by Reactive Evaporation
  John R. Rairden III

3,541,403     November 17, 1970
Guard Ring for Schottky Barrier Devices
  Martin P. Lepselter, Simon M. Sze

3,544,399     December 1, 1970
Insulated Gate Field-Effect Transistor (IGFET) with Semiconductor Gate Electrode
  Hans G. Dill

3,544,790     December 1, 1970
An Electron Beam Masking Arrangement
  Martin J. Brown

3,544,854     December 1, 1970
Ohmic Contacts for Gallium Arsenide Semiconductors
  Ronald H. Cox, Hans A. Strack

3,544,857     December 1, 1970
Integrated Circuit Assembly with Lead Structure and Method
  Robert C. Byrne, Alan V. King, Albert P Youmans

3,544,858     December 1, 1970
Insulated Gate Field-Effect Transistor Comprising a Mesa Channel and a Thicker Surrounding Oxide
  Else Kooi

3,544,860     December 1, 1970
Integrated Power Output Circuit
  Abraham Lichowsky

3,544,861     December 1, 1970
Stabilized Semiconductor Device
  Else Kooi

3,544,862     December 1, 1970
Integrated Semiconductor and PN-Junction Capacitor
  Robert C. Gallagher, David W. Williams

3,544,863     December 1, 1970
Monolithic Integrated Circuit Substructure with Epitaxial Decoupling Capacitance
  William L. Price, Don M. Jackson, Jr.

3,544,864     December 1, 1970
Solid State Field Effect Device
  Paul Richman

3,544,914     December 1, 1970
Semiconductor High Frequency Amplifier Device
  Michihisa Suga

3,545,076     December 8, 1970
Process of Forming Contacts on Electrical Parts, Particularly Silicon Semiconductors
  Reinhard Schulten

3,546,013     December 8, 1970
Method of Providing Protective Coverings for Semiconductors
  John A. Perri, Jacob Riseman

3,546,036     December 8, 1970
Process for Etch-Polishing Sapphire and other Oxides
  Harold M. Manasevit

3,546,459     December 8, 1970
Single-Crystal, Drifted Semi-Conductor Radiation Detector Having a Bore Therethrough
  Michael J. Higatsberger, Harald Hick

3,546,542     December 8, 1970
Integrated High Voltage Solar Cell Panel
  R.K. Riel, Krishan S. Tarneja, Frederick G. Erncik, Paul M. Kisinko

3,547,716     December 15, 1970
Isolation in Epitaxially Grown Monolithic Devices
  David DeWitt, Harlan R. Gates, Alan Platt

3,549,401     December 22, 1970
Method of Making Electroluminsecent Gallium Phosphide Diodes
  Leonard J. Buszko, Luthor M. Foster, Max R. Lorenz

3,549,411     December 22, 1970
Method Of Preparing Silicon Nitride Films
  K.E. Bean, Paul S. Gleim

3,549,433     December 22, 1970
Method Of Purifying Etched Silicon Surfaces
  Theodor Renner, Ludwig Mogele

3,550,256     December 29, 1970
Control Of Surface Inversion Of P-And-N Type Silicon Using Dense Dielectrics
  Bruce E. Deal

3,551,761     December 29, 1970
Integrated Photodiode Array
  Carl E. Ruoff, Edward F. Winter

3,551,842     December 29, 1970
Semiconductor Laser Having High Power Output And Reduced Threshold
  Herbert Nelson

3,553,541     January 5, 1971
Bilateral Switch Using Combination Of Field Effect Transistors And Bipolar Transistors
  Ernam F. King

3,553,830     January 12, 1971
Method For Making Integrated Circuit Apparatus
  Frederick F. Jenny, Rudolf E. Thun

3,555,283     January 12, 1971
Solid State Light Emitting Diode Wherein Output Is Controlled By Controlling Election Population Of An Intermediate Level With An Auxiliary Light Source.
  Hermann Georg Grimmeiss, Peter Johannes Philippus Gerardus Simons

3,555,371     January 12, 1971
Semiconductor Device With Terminals Adapter For Mass Fabrication.
  Ernst Ginsberg, Oswald Hake, Norbert Kirchner, Edward Uden, Helmut Zittlau, Wilhelm Schreihage

3,556,879     January 19, 1971
Method Of Treating Semiconductor Devices.
  Alfred Mayer

3,556,951     January 19, 1971
Method Of Forming Leads On Semiconductor Devices.
  Nino P. Cerniglia, Richard C. Tonner

3,559,281     February 2, 1971
Method Of Reclaiming Processed Semiconductor Wafers
  Bobby A. Mayberry, Albert E. Ozias, Jr.

3,559,282     February 2, 1971
Method For Making Thin Semiconductor Dice
  Israel A. Lesk

3,560,278     February 2, 1971
Alignment Process For Fabricating Semiconductor Devices
  Arthur E. Sanera

3,560,279     February 2, 1971
Method Of Doping Semiconductor Material
  Janos Havas

3,560,756     February 2, 1971
Optical Storage Device With Solid State Light Actuated Scanning Means For Solid State Output Means
  Edward F. Labuda

3,560,810     February 2, 1971
Field Effect Transistor Having Passivated Gate Insulator
  Pieter Balk, David W. Dong, Jerome M. Eldridge

3,562,022     February 9, 1971
Method Of Doping Semiconductor Bodies By Indirect Ion Implantation
  Gordon A. Shifrin

3,562,032     February 9, 1971
Method Of Manufacturing An Integrated Semiconductor Device
  Jean-Claude Frouin, Michel de Brebisson

3,615,934     October 26, 1971
Insulated-Gate Field-Effect Device Having Source And Drain Regions Formed In Part By Ion Implantation And Method Of Making Same
  Robert W. Bower

3,617,767     November 2, 1971
Field-Effect Transistor Logic Gate With Isolation Device For Reducing Power Dissipation
  Robert Kenneth Booher

3,771,040     November 6, 1973
Regulated DC-To-DC Converter For Voltage Step-Up Or Step-Down With Input-Output Isolation
  James C. Fletcher

3,815,354     June 11, 1974
Electric Watch
  Richard L. Strocka, David F. Broxterman

3,819,921     June 25, 1974
Miniature Electronic Calculator
  Jack S. Kilby, Jerry D. Merryman, James H. Van Tassel

3,877,054     April 15, 1975
Semiconductor Memory Apparatus With A Multilayer Insulator Contacting The Semiconductor
  David McElroy Boulin, Dawon Kahng, Joseph Raymond Ligenza, William Joseph Sundburg

3,909,807     September 30, 1975
Integrated Circuit Memory Cell
  Alan William Fulton

3,918,081     November 4, 1975
Integrated Semmiconductor Device Employing Charge Storage And Charge Transport For Memory Or Delay Line
  Frederik Leonard Johan Sangster

3,961,355     June 1, 1976
Semiconductor Device Having Electrically Insulating Barriers For Surface Leakage Sensitive Devices And Method Of Forming
  Shakir A. Abas, Chi S. Chang, Leo B. Freeman, Jr., Ronald W. Knepper

3,971,056     June 20, 1976
Semiconductor Temperature Switches
  Stanley V. Jaskolski, Robert W. Lade, Herman P. Schutten, Gordon B. Spellman, Lawrence E. Van Horn

3,990,925     November 9, 1976
Removal Of Projections On Expitaxial Layers
  William Charles Erdman

3,997,368     December 14, 1976
Elimination Of Stacking Faults In Silicon Devices: A Gettering Process
4,004,109     January 18, 1977
Hybrid Circuit
  Frank S. Boxall

4,007,478     February 8, 1977
Field Effect Transistor
  Hajime Yagi

4,012,757     March 15, 1977
Contactless Random-Access Memory Cell And Cell Pair
  James T. Koo

4,018,626     April 19, 1977
Impact Sound Stressing For Semiconductor Devices
  Guenter H. Schwuttke, Kuei-Hsiung Yang

4,020,472     April 26, 1977
Master Slave Registers For Interface Adaptor
  Thomas H. Bennett, Earl F. Carlow, Edward C. Hepworth, Wilbur L. Mathys, William D. Mensch, Jr., Rodney H. Orgill, Charles I. Peddle, Michael F. Wiles

4,030,083     June 14, 1977
Self-Refreshed Capacitor Memory Cell
  Harry Joseph Boll

4,040,096     August 2, 1977
Flying Spot Scanner With Runout Correction
  Gary K. Starkweather

4,042,944     August 16, 1977
Monostable Multivibrator
  Tadao Yoshida

4,050,083     September 20, 1977
Integrated Thermally Sensitive Power Switching Semiconductor Device, Including A Thermally Self-Monostable Multivibrator
  Stanley V. Jaskolski, Robert W. Lade, Herman P. Schutten, Gordon B. Spellman

4,054,989     October 25, 1977
High Reliability, Low Leakage, Self-Aligned Silicon Gate FET And Method Of Fabricating Same
  Irving T. Ho, Jacob Riseman

4,062,699     December 13, 1977
Method For Fabricating Diffusion Self-Aligned Short Channel MOS Device
  William Eddie Armstrong

4,072,976     February 7, 1978
Gate Protection Device For MOS Circuits
  Eliyahou Harari

4,087,848     May 2, 1978
Thermally Self-Protected Power Switching Semiconductor Device
  Roy Hyink, Stanley V. Jaskolski, Robert W. Lade, Herman P. Schutten, Gordon B. Spellman

4,112,458     September 5, 1978
Silicon Thyristor Sensitive To Low Temperature With Thermal Switching Characteristics At Temperatures Less Than 50 C
  Stanley V. Jaskolski, Robert W. Lade, Herman P. Schutten, Grodon B. Spellman

4,115,914     September 26, 1978
Electrically Erasable Non-Volatile Semiconductor Memory
  Eliyahou Harari

4,119,845     October 10, 1978
Thermally-Sensitive Photo-Controlled Semiconductor Switching Systems
  Stanley V. Jaskolski, Robert W. Lade, Herman P. Schutten

4,132,550     January 2, 1979
Photoresists With Particles Less Than One Micron
  Ronald R. Bowman

4,132,904     January 2, 1979
Volatile/Non-Volatile Logic Latch Circuit
  Eliyahou Harari

4,134,123     January 9, 1979
High Voltage Schottky Barrier Diode
  John M. Shannon

4,134,125     January 9, 1979
Passivation of Metallized Semiconductor Substrates
  Arthur C. Adams, Cesar D. Capio, Hyman J. Levinstein, Shyam P. Murarka

4,135,998     January 23, 1979
Method For Forming Pt-Si Schottky Barrier Contact
  John J. Gniewek, Timothy M. Reith, Michael J. Sullivan, James F. White

4,136,349     January 23, 1979
IC Chip With Buried Zener Diode
  Wei K. Tsang

4,136,353     January 23, 1979
Biopolar Transistor With High-Low Emitter Impurity Concentration
  Murray A. Polinsky

4,136,434     January 30, 1979
Fabrication Of Small Contact Openings In Large-Scale-Integrated Devices
  Louis R. Thibault, Leopold D. Yau

4,139,442     February 13, 1979
Reactive Ion Etching Method For Producing Deep Dielectric Isolation In Silicon
  James A. Bondur, Hans B. Pogge

4,140,967     February 20, 1979
Merged Array PLA Device, Circuit, Fabrication Method And Testing Technique
  Peruvemba S. Balasubramanian, Claude R. Bertin, Stephen B. Greenspan

4,141,020     February 20, 1979
Intermetallic Aluminum-Transition Metal Compound Schottky Contact
  James K. Howard, William D. Rosenberg, James F. White

4,141,022     February 20, 1979
Refractory Metal Contacts For IGFETs
  Hans J. Sigg, Ching W. S. Lai, Warren C. Rosvold

4,141,027     February 20, 1979
IGFET Integrated Circuit Memory Cell
  Steven M. Baldwin, Donald L. Henderson, Joel A. Karp

4,142,195     February 27, 1979
Schottky Barrier Semiconductor Device And Method Of Making Same
  David E. Carlson, Christopher R. Wronski, Alfred R. Triano, Jr.

4,142,197     February 27, 1979
Drain Extensions For Closed COS/MOS Logic Devices
  Andrew G. F. Dingwall

4,142,926     March 6, 1979
Self-Aligning Double Polycrystalline Silicon Etching Process
  William L. Morgan

4,143,390     March 6, 1979
Semiconductor Device And A Logical Circuit Formed Of The Same
  Hideo Noguchi

4,144,099     March 13, 1979
High Performance Silicon Wafer And Fabrication Process
  Harold D. Edmonds, Gary Markovits

4,144,590     March 13, 1979
Intermediate Output Buffer Circuit For Semiconductor Memory Device
  Norihisa Kitagawa, Lionel S. White, Jr.

4,145,702     March 20, 1979
Electrically Programmable Read-Only-Memory Device
  John W. Rau III, Harold H. Muller, Richard K. W. Tam, Louis J. Kabell

4,149,176     April 10, 1979
Complementary MOSFET Device
  Kazuo Satou, Mitsuhiko Ueno

4,149,177     April 10, 1979
Method Of Fabricating Cinductive Buried Regions In Integrated Circuits And The Resulting Structures
  Martin J. Alter

4,152,717     May 1, 1979
Complementary MOSFET Device
  Kazuo Satou, Mitsuhiko Ueno

4,153,904     May 8, 1979
Semiconductor Device Having A High Breakdown Voltage Junction Characteristic
  Al F. Tasch, Jr., Horng-Sen Fu, Pallab K.Chatterjee

4,160,984     July 10, 1979
Schottky-Gate Field-Effect Transistor And Fabrication Process Therefor
  Glenn O. Ladd, Jr, Frederick W. Cleary

4,162,504     July 24, 1979
Floating Gate Solid-State Storage Device
  Sheng T. Hsu

4,163,242     July 31, 1979
MOS Storage Integrated Circuit Using Individual FET Elements
  Karl-Ulrich Stein

4,163,243     July 31, 1979
One-Transistor Memory Cell With Enhanced Capacitance
  Theodore I. Kamins, Charles G. Sodini

4,163,244     July 31, 1979
Symmetrical Integrated Injection Logic Circuit
  Louis J. Ragonese, Neng-Tze Yang

4,163,245     July 31, 1979
Integrated Circuit Device
  Hiroyuki Kinoshita

4,163,246     July 31, 1979
Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Device Employing A Polycrystalline Silicon As A Wiring Layer
  Kunio Aomura, Kenji Okada

4,163,677     August 7, 1979
Schottky Barrier Amorphous Silicon Solar Cell With Thin Doped Region Adjacent Metal Schottky Barrier
  David E. Carlson, Christopher R. Wronski

4,163,678     August 7, 1979
Solar Cell With Improved N-Region Contact And Method Of Forming The Same
  Kenneth R. Bube

4,163,985     August 7, 1979
Nonvolatile Punch Through Memory Cell With Buried N+ Region In Channel
  Fritz L. Schuermeyer, Charles R. Young

4,163,987     August 7, 1979
GaAs-GaAlAs Solar Cells
  G. Sanjiv Kamath, Carl L. Anderson

4,163,988     August 7, 1979
Split Gate V Groove FET
  Keming W. Yeh, James L. Reuter

4,164,003     August 7, 1979
Integrated Circuit Package And Connector Therefor
  John M. Cutchaw

4,164,436     August 4, 1979
Process of Preparation of Semiconductor Devices Utilizing a Two-Step Polycrystalline Deposition Technique to Form a Diffusion Source
  Mitsuru Ura, Kenji Miyata, Takaya Suzuki, Takuzo Ogawa

4,164,461     August 4, 1979
Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Structures and Manufacturing Methods
  Hartmut Schilling

4,164,751     August 14, 1979
High Capacity Dynamic RAM Cell
  Aloysious F. Tasch, Jr.

4,166,279     August 28, 1979
Electromigration Resistance in Gold Thin Film Conductors
  Amitava Gangulee

4,167,747     September 11. 1979
Complementary MOSFET Device and Method of Manufacturing the Same
  Kazuo Satou, Mitsuhiko Ueno

4,169,270     September 25, 1979
Insulated-Gate Field-Effect Transistor with Self-Aligned Contact Hold to Source or Drain
  James A. Hayes

4,172,260     October 23, 1979
Insulated Gate Field Effect Transistor with Source Field Shield Extending over Multiple Region Channel
  Takeaki Okabe, Isao Yoshida, Shikauki Ochi, Hidefumi Itoh, Masatomo Furumi, Toru Toyabe, Mineo Katsueda, Yukio Shirota

4,172,907     October 30, 1979
Method of Protecting Bumped Semiconductor Chips
  Arthur H. Mones, James E. O'Keefe

4,173,022     October 30, 1979
Integrated Gate Field Effect Transistors Having Closed Gate Structure with Controlled Avalanche Characteristics
  Andrew G. F. Dingwall

4,173,063     November 6, 1979
Fabrication of a Semiconductor Component Element Having a Schottky Contact and Little Series Resistance Utilizing Special Masking in Combination with Ion Implantation.
  Hermann Kniepkamp, Walter Kellner

4,173,767     November 6, 1979
CMOS Monolithic Integrated Circuit
  Alastair K. Stevenson

4,173,819     November 13, 1979
Method of Manufacturing a Dynamic Random Access Memory using MOS FETs
  Hiroyuki Kinoshita

4,174,492     November 13, 1979
Device for Attenuating Cavity Interference Waves in a High-Frequency Electron Tube
  Johannes Holle

4,174,982     November 20, 1979
Capless Annealing Compound Semiconductors
  Anthony A. Immorlica, Jr.

4,176,368     November 27, 1979
Junction Field Effect Transistor for use in Integrated Circuits
  James B. Compton

4,178,605     December 11, 1979
Complementary MOS Inverter Structure
  Sheng T. Hsu, James M. Cartwright, Jr.

4,179,792     December 25, 1979
Low Temperature CMOS/SOS Process using Dry Pressure Oxidation
  Sidney Marshall, Robert J. Zeto

4,180,439     December 25, 1979
Anodic Etching Method for the Detection of Electrically Active Defects in Silicon
  John L. Deines, Michael R. Poponiak, Robert O. Schwenker

4,180,596     December 25, 1979
Method for Providing a Metal Silicide Layer on a Substrate
  Billy L. Crowder, Stanley Zirinsky

4,180,825     December 25, 1979
Heteroepitaxial Deposition of GaP on silicon substrates
  Donald R. Mason

4,180,827     December 25, 1979
NPN/PNP Fabrication Process With Improved Alignment
  Harlan R. Gates

4,197,555     April 8, 1980
Semiconductor Device
  Takao Uehara, Takamitsu Tsuchimoto, Katsuyuki Hamada, Hideo Masuzawa, Makoto Mukai

4,198,263     April 15, 1980
Mask For Soft X-Rays And Method Of Manufacture
  Takashi Matsuda

4,198,648     April 15, 1980
Integrated Semiconductor Device
  Jun-ichi Nishizawa

4,198,649     April 15, 1980
Memory Cell Structure Utilizing Cinductive Buried Regions
  Robert Berry

4,199,379     April 22, 1980
Method For Producing Metal Patterns On Silicon Wafers For Thermomigration
  Tiberiu Mizrah

4,199,380     April 22, 1980
Integrated Circuit Method
  Michael G. Farrell, Sal T. Mastroianni

4,199,772     April 22, 1980
Semiconductor Memory Device
  Kenji Natori, Fujio Masuoka

4,199,773     April 22, 1980
Insulated Gate Field Effect Silicon-On-Sapphire Transistor And Method Of Making Same
  Alvin M. Goodman, Charles E. Weitzel

4,200,668     April 29, 1980
Method of Repairing a Defective Photomask
  Paul D. Segal, Ching-Ping Wong

4,200,969     May 6, 1980
Semiconductor Device with Multi-Layered Metalizations
  Masaharu Aoyama, Shunichi Hiraki, Toshio Yonezawa

4,200,970     May 6, 1980
Method of Adjusting Resistance of a Thermistor
  Milton Schonberger

4,201,603     May 6, 1980
Method of fabricating improved short channel MOS devices utilizing selective etching and counterdoping of polycrystalline silicon
  Joseph H. Scott, Jr., Alfred C. Ipri

4,201,997     May 6, 1980
MESFET Semiconductor Device And Method Of Making
  Henry M. Darley, Theodore W. Houston, James B. Kruger

4,202,003     May 6, 1980
MESFET Semiconductor Device And Method Of Making
  Henry M. Darley, Theodore W. Houston, Han T. Yuan

4,202,005     May 6, 1980
Distributed Collector Ballast Resistor Structure
  Paul W. Sanders

4,202,006     May 6, 1980
Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Device
  Heshmat Khajezadeh

4,203,125     May 13, 1980
Buried Storage Punch Through Dynamic RAM Cell
  Pallab K. Chatterjee, Geoff W. Taylor, Al F. Tasch, Jr., Horng-Sen Fu

4,203,126     May 13, 1980
CMOS Structure And Method Utilizing Retarded Electric Field For Minimum Latch-Up
  Ernest W. Yim, Paul G. Van Loon

4,203,127     May 13, 1980
Package And Method Of Packaging Semiconductor Wafers
  Bruce R. Tegge, Jr.

4,203,158     May 13, 1980
Electrically Programmable And Erasable MOS Floating Gate Memory Device Employing Tunneling And Method Of Fabricating Same
  Dov Frohman-Bentchkowsky, Jerry Mar, George Perlegos, William S. Johnson

4,204,894     May 27, 1980
Process For Fabrication Of Semiconductors Utilizing Selectively Etchable Diffusion Sources In Combinaion With Melt-Flow Techniques
  Tadao Komeda, Kazufumi Ogawa

4,205,099     May 27, 1980
Method For Making Terminal Bumps On Semiconductor Wafers
  Leith Jones, Christian McGrath

4,205,330     May 27, 1980
Method Of Manufacturing A Low Voltage N-Channel MOSFET Device
  Thomas Klein

4,205,334     May 27, 1980
Integrated Semiconductor Device
  Terumoto Nonaka, Tadahiko Hotta, Shin Yamashita

4,206,469     June 3, 1980
Power Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor-Field-Effect-Transistor
  Maurice H. Hanes, Earl S. Schlegel

4,206,471     June 3, 1980
Semiconductor Storage Element And A Process For The Production Thereof
  Kurt Hoffman, Reiner Sigusch

4,206,540     June 10, 1980
Schottky Device And Method Of Manufacture Using Palladium And Platinum Intermetallic Alloys And Titanium Barrier
  Herbert J. Gould

4,207,585     June 10, 1980
Silicon Gate MOS ROM
  G. R. Mohan Rao

4,207,586     June 10, 1980
Semiconductor Device Having A Passivating Layer
  Jacques Lebailly

4,208,780     June 24, 1980
Last-Stage Programming Of Semiconductor Integrated Circuits Including Selective Removal Of Passivation Layer
  Paul Richman

4,208,781     June 24, 1980
Semiconductor Integrated Circuit With Implanted Resistor Element In Polycrystalline Silicon Layer
  G. R. Mohan Rao, John S. Stanczak, Jih-Chang Lien, Shyam Bhatia

4,209,349     June 24, 1980
Method For Forming A Narrow Dimensioned Mask Opening On A Silicon Body Utilizing Reactive Ion Etching
  Irving T. Ho, Jacob Riseman

4,209,350     June 24, 1980
Method For Forming Diffusions Having Narrow Dimensions Utilizing Reactive Ion Etching
  Irving T. Ho, Jacob Riseman

4,209,894     July 1, 1980
Fusible-Link Semiconductor Memory
  Ralph S. Keen

4,210,473     July 1, 1980
Process For Producing A Semiconductor Device
  Mikio Takagi, Hajime Kamioka, Haruo Shimoda, Hidekazu Miyamoto

4,210,689     July 1, 1980
Method Of Producing Semiconductor Devices
  Shigeru Komatsu

4,212,026     July 8, 1980
Merged Array PLA Device, Circuit, Fabrication Method And Testing Technique
  P. S. Balasubramanian, Claude R. Bertin, Stephen B. Greenspan

4,212,100     July 15, 1980
Stable N-Channel MOS Structure
  John Paivinen, Walter D. Eisenhower, Jr., Ernest R. Helfrich

4,212,684     July 15, 1980
CISFET Processing Including Simultaneous Doping Of Silicon Components And FET Channels
  Ronald W. Brower

4,213,117     July 15, 1980
Method And Apparatus For Detecting Positions Of Chips On A Semiconductor Wafer
  Yukio Kembo, Asahiro Kuni, Hiroshi Makihira

4,213,139     July 15, 1980
Double Level Polysilicon Series Transistor Cell
  G. R. Mohan Rao

4,213,140     July 15, 1980
Insulated-Gate Semiconductor Device
  Takeaki Okabe, Isao Yoshida, Minew Kastueda, Hidefumi Ito, Masatomo Furumi, Shikayuki Ochi

4,213,192     July 15, 1980
Electron Beam Accessed Read-Write-Erase Random Access Memory
  Alton O. Christensen, Sr.

4,213,806     July 22, 1980
Forming An IC Chip With Buried Zener Diode
  Wei K. Tsang

4,213,807     July 22, 1980
Method Of Fabricating Semiconductor Devices
  Wojciech Rosnowski

4,214,120     July 22, 1980
Electronic Device Package Having Solder Leads And Methods Of Assembling The Package
  William T. Jones, Jr., Edward J. Moulis

4,216,038     August 5, 1980
Semiconductor Device And Manufacturing Process Thereof
  Jun-ichi Nishizawa, Yasunori Mochida, Terumoto Nonaka, Tadahiko Hotta, Shin Yamashita

4,216,489     August 5, 1980
MOS Dynamic Memory In A Diffusion Current Limited Semiconductor Structure
  James T. Clemens, Dinesh A. Mehta, James T. Nelson, Charles W. Pearce, Robert C. Sun

4,216,491     August 5, 1980
Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Isolated Through Dielectric Material
  Takashi Matsuda, Kazuo Niwa, Yasusuke Sumitomo

4,216,573     August 12, 1980
Three Mask Process For Making Field Effect Transistors
  Madhukar L. Joshi, Richard K. Mason, Wilber D. Pricer

4,217,153     August 12, 1980
Method Of Manufacturing Semiconductor Device
  Shinobu Fukunaga, Akihiko Yasuoka

4,217,573     August 12, 1980
Switching Unit For Selectively Connecting Together Various Combinations Of Audio Subsystems
  Elwood G. Norris

4,218,267     August 19, 1980
Microelectronic Fabrication Method Minimizing Threshold Voltage Variation
  Roy L. Maddox, Jr.

4,219,369     August 26, 1980
Method Of Making Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Device
  Katsumi Ogiue, Takahisa Nitta, Kazumichi Mitsusada, Masato Iwabuchi, Masanori Odaka

4,219,379     August 26, 1980
Method For Making A Semiconductor Device
  Terry G. Athanas

4,219,834     August 26, 1980
One-Device Monolithic Random Access Memory And Method Of Fabricating The Same
  Ronald P. Esch, Robert M. Folsom, Cheng-Yih Liu, Vincent L. Rideout, Donald A. Soderman, G. Thomas Wenning

4,221,044     September 9, 1980
Self-Alignment Of Gate Contacts At Local Or Remote Sites
  Gordon C. Godejahn, Jr., Gary L. Heimbigner

4,221,045     September 9, 1980
Self-Aligned Contacts In An Ion Implanted VLSI Circuit
  Gordon C. Godejahn, Jr.

4,222,792     September 16, 1980
Planar Deep Oxide Isolation Process Utilizing Resin Glass And E-Beam Exposure
  Reginald F. Lever, John L. Mauer, Alwin E. Michel, Laura B. Rothman

4,222,816     September 16, 1980
Method For Reducing Parasitic Capacitance In Integrated Circuit Structures
  Wendell P. Nobel, Jr., Richard A. Unis

4,223,333     September 16, 1980
Charge Pumping Semiconductor Memory
  Fujio Masuoka

4,224,088     September 23, 1980
Method For Manufacturing A Semiconductor Device
  Shigeru Komatsu, Hiroshi Inoue

4,224,101     September 23, 1980
Method Of Manufacturing Semiconductor Devices Using Laser Beam Cutting
  Rudolph T. Tijburn, Cornelus P. T. M. Damen

4,224,115     September 23, 1980
Process For Forming Electrode On Semiconductor Device
  Aiichiro Nara, Hisao Kondo, Takeji Fujiwara, Hideaki Ikegawa

4,224,636     September 23, 1980
Semiconductor Device With Thermally Compensating SiO2-Silicate Glass-Passivation Layer
  Toshio Yonezawa, Takashi Ajima, Masato Uchida

4,552,833     November 12, 1985
Radiation Sensitive and Oxygen Plasma Developable Resist
  Hiroshi Ito, Scott A. MacDonald, Roberd D. Miller, Carlton G. Willson

4,942,516     July 17, 1990
Single Chip Integrated Circuit Computer Architecture
  Gilbert P. Hyatt


National Museum of American History

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