1987.0487 Texas Instruments Collection INTEGRATED CIRCUITS 

TI-G00342  NMAH Catalog Number 1987.0487.313

1960 - TI-G00342 object Integrated Circuit - This device is an engineering prototype of the first commercially available silicon monolithic integrated circuit.

1960 - Texas Instruments
SN502 Solid Circuit Flip Flop

It was introduced by TI in March, 1960, as the SN502 Solid Circuit Flip Flop. The initial price was $450 each.

For the package, the frame, leads and base were assembled with glass frit. The kovar lid was soldered in place. From a discussion with Jack Kilby, the difference in package lead configuration between this device and the G00013 was due to this being an earlier prototype device. The March, 1960, catalog data sheet shows the lead configuration of G00013.

Summary comment by Willis Adcock, Jim Hull, Jack Kilby, Charles Phipps, TI.

National Museum of American History

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