1987.0487.027 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Calculator - 1972
TI number: Z00217

This calculator was one of the first models using the TI "calculator-on-a chip" integrated circuit. Several (probably eight) of the first production calculators were given to TI as a courtesy to evaluate.

A TMS0103NC, date code 7211, was used in the calculator. The basic chip design was known as the TMS0100, and the custom variations were assigned succeeding numbers. The device date code (eleventh week of 1972) and memory indicate this calculator was built about mid 1972. It may be noted that the TI Minimath and Datamath used the TMS0111 chip. (See G00123.) This calculator, which operates only on AC, was used for several years by Norman Ince and is still in operating condition. The only problem reported was that the key contracts required occasional cleaning. This was a typical problem of the early table model calculators which did not use a sealed keyboard.
Texas Instruments (Norman Ince.)

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